Compress GIF To 10KB Online Without Losing Quality

To express our emotions, feelings, and ideas, we do use GIF images. These GIFs can be posted or published on some online social medial platforms including Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter as well. Also, GIF images are used on some websites too. But the major drawback of using a GIF, it may slow down your website loading speed. In addition, slow web pages also affect search ranking. While on the other hand, large-size GIF photo is also another drawback. Especially, on some mobile devices, large-size GIF images can’t be responsive and user-friendly. To remove this issue, we often use GIF Resizer or GIF compressors to reduce GIF size to a specific size. Today, we are going to discuss Compress GIF To 10KB online tool in depth. Have a look:

Compress GIF To 10KB Online

Moreover, Online GIF Compress is a web application that helps a user to reduce GIF size to KB. This tool will accurately make your GIF smaller without losing quality. In addition, You don’t have to panic about your data privacy and security. Compress Karu does not compromise data privacy & security as well. For your convenience, Your Raw and processed data is automatically deleted from our server just after compression. So, don’t worry while using CompressKaru’s Online GIF Resizer.

Furthermore, You can also compress your files in custom or specific sizes. The tool is the same for both. Simply, enter a specific size in the size box (given above) you want to convert GIF, and click on Compress. Very soon, You will have your processed data in the best quality than before.

How To Resize GIF To 10KB Free?

With the Online GIF compressor app, You can reduce file size by following the steps below. Have a look:

  1. Select Images by clicking on the “Add” button.
  2. Also, You can select multiple images/GIF videos at the same time.
  3. Now upload the selected files.
  4. Click on the “Compress” button.
  5. Shortly, You will have processed files in your download folder.


Can I reduce GIF size without losing quality?

Of course, you can resize your GIf(s) without losing quality. Use Compress Karu GIF size resizer smart tool. By doing so, it won’t affect on image’s color, quality, and pixels as well.

Is it free to compress GIF To 10KB?

Certainly, It is free to use any compression and resizing tool developed by site. Not only free but also, you can use it limitlessly. Use as much as you can without paying even a single penny.

Can I compress GIF on my iPhone?

Without a doubt, You can compress any GIF file size from any device you have including Android or iOS. Besides these, you can also resize it by using any PC, Tablet, or MAC.

Can I decrease the size of the GIF offline?

Unfortunately, You can not use this tool while offline. In addition, You can use it from anywhere and any device as it is an online application. You just have to make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

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