Our online Compress JPEG To 30KB tool is a web based application which is available for the people of the all over the world. Although, it a free tool. With the help of this tool, you can compress jpeg size to 30kb within few seconds. Quickly, it will resize or reduce JPG images to the size of 30 KBs (memory size).  If you are using any online platform like job portal, Signing up on Facebook, banking portal, or sharing image on the social media platform. You may need this tool. Moreover, you can easily resize passport photos under 30kb.

Without a doubt, this tool is best developed by the team of Compress Karu. It has very short but fast algorithms to perform a task very smartly. It’s working is very smart because this tool removes metadata and resize the photograph accordingly.

How To Compress JPEG To 30KB Free Without Losing Quality?

It is quiet easy for a person to resize/reduce JPEG to 30kb free online. Furthermore, there are few steps involved in compression of an image. See the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on “Select Image” button.
  2. Also, you can select images by drag & drop.
  3. Secondly, Select the desired directory (picture’s folder) from gallery.
  4. Allow access if you are using this tool from your mobile devices or tablet PC.
  5. Thirdly, click on “Click & Download” button.
  6. Our online image reducer will compress image to 30kb. Also, it will download it automatically.

As JPEG is the most popular image format. Which is being use in most of the digital devices like digital camera. For most of the tools, It’s not easy to maintain the quality of an image during compression. But, with our tool, the quality of shirked images will not lose quality. Although, the quality will remain same as before.


How Can I resize the size of an image(s) online but free?
There is no need to worry. Compression with compresskaru.com is very easy. You just have to follow some simple steps. First of all, click on “Select image” button. Choose the image from your gallery or storage. Click on “Compress & Download” button. Congratulations! Your image is now compress and saved.
Can I resize image to 30KB while offline?
As it is an online web based app, you can not use this tool without the access of internet. You only need a stable internet connection to use compress jpeg to 30kb. And it is totally free for everyone.
How many times I can use this tool in a day?
Fortunately, there is to boundary that how many time you use this toll. We warmly welcome you on your every visit. So, you can use compress jpeg to 30 kb as much as you can.
Will you save or reuse our images?
No! we won’t save or reuse your any kind of picture. We neither save them nor we share these to any third-party website or application. You can use this tool without any hesitation. We are here to serve you.


With no doubt, the quality of an image depends on its size and file format. We ensure you that your image will not lose its quality during of after resizing it. Our best free online image resizer is here to help you out regarding to this. Try it once, and let us know about out tool (flaws & improvements) in the comment box given below.

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