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You can reduce PNG file size to 1MB with our ultimate profession AI based smarts image converter/compressor. Although, Compress PNG To 1MB is much easier. It will not take your much time. Also, you can compress PNG under 1MB online and of course free of cost. Try our free online png image resizer and let us know about any improvement and suggestion.

Compress PNG To 1MB Free Online

Portable Network Graphic Format which is also known as PNG is a high quality image format. It a lossless compression which do not lose it’s quality including colors, dimension and pixels. In addition, it has a transparent background. PNGs are most widely used in websites, web-pages as a product images and usually as Logo.

While on the other hand, using PNG online compressor tool reduces the file size of a larger sized PNG/JPEG/JPG image into KBs. Also, it convers the  24-bit PNG color below to 8-bit indexed colors. By reducing PNG size, it won’t affect on its quality, pixels and colors.

Features of Compress PNG Below 1MB Online Reducer/Resizer Tool

There are multiple benefits of using Compress PNG under 1MB tool. To view or know more about online png resizer, we have enlisted some of its advantages below, have a look at that:

Unlimited Compress With CompressKaru

Free To Use

Unlike reduce/compress JPEG tool, PNG online image compressor is free, fast and secure to use. There is no hidden charges to use our online image compression tool. never ask its users to pay even a single penny. Also, we do not ask you for any kind of subscription and donation. Feel free to use this tool as much as you can.

No Device Preference

Although, this is an online web based tools. It means you only need a stable and medium fast internet connection to use PNG image compressor. Unfortunately, you can not use this tool when offline. Also, you can use it on every device like PC, Tablet PC, Laptop, Android/iOS, and Apple/APK device.

Cross Browser Platform

Our online photo compression is a cross web browser platform. As discussed above, you can use it on any web browser life Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini (Standard or Beta version), and Mozilla Firefox. It will work same smoothly on every web browser application.

No Tracking of Compress PNG To 1MB

Without a doubt, we do not track any data of our precious users. Also, you data is in safe hands. We do not reuse, sale, or share your confidential or private data with anyone. In addition, we also do not share it with any third-party application. The data you upload or compress is never saved on our server. Our smart  tool automatically deled your data just after the fifteen (15) minutes of successful compression. So, you can use it freely without being worry.

Best Quality Compression

Without a doubt, our tools compression is best. You can compress WebP images, PNGs, JPG/JPEG/GIFF and also you can use pdf compressor to compress you pdf without loosing its quality. The image will remain same as an original photo. No one can find that which image is real or original.

& More with Compress PNG Under 1MB

There are more amazing features are waiting for you. You can add signatures with our online signature creator, online image compressor, dimension reducer, online image viewer, PNG to PDF, and so on. Explore Compress Karu, and take advantage of our free online PNG compress to 1MB today.

What’s New in Our Online PNG Compressor Resizer Tool?

There is much free features and sub-tools in online PNG reducer or PNG converter online tool. We have mentioned updated new features below:

  • Good looking and User-friendly interface.
  • HD compression.
  • Unlimited compression.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Direct share on online platforms.
  • Live image preview.

& much more. .

How To Compress PNG To 1MB Free?

There are few steps, by following these steps, you can compress your PNG images within no time by a single click. Have a look below:

  1. Click on “Add Files” button.
  2. Also, You can add files by drag & drop.
  3. Select folder from gallery.
  4. Select image or a group of images you want to resize.
  5. Now, Click on “Compress & download” button.
  6. Just after compression, your image(s) will be downloaded automatically to your gallery or on storage download folder.

Enjoy compression. You’re done!


How can I online compress PNG To 1MB free?
It is so easy to compress you PNG images under or below 1MB with our online tool. You can reduce the MG sizer of PNG by following the procedure enlisted below:

Simply, Click on “Upload/Add Image(s)” button to add Raw images.

Now, select image(s) that you want to reduce size.

Click on Compress & Download button.

It will take less than a minute to resize your PNGs without losing quality. You’re done.

Can PNG files resized?
Certainly, yes! It is so easy to resize a PNG in good quality. You can easily compress image and upload it on your server or website. Our best image compressor will do this job smartly and effectively. See the full article to follow the simple steps for online compression.
Why PNG size are larger?
Although, PNG is a lossless compression type format. It is captured or made through digital devices like DSLR (Digital Camera), Adobe Photoshop, and so on. PNG is best suitable for larger scale of solid area as it has a transparent background. Additionally, after compression, the result and quality will remain the same. But, the size of PNG may decrease (depend on how large PNG is).
Is it really safe to compress PNG image file?
There are hundreds of the users using our online PNG image compressor. We do not compromise on image quality and its safety. Our team make sure that user data is secure. We use a secure layer while uploading, downloading, and compressing by using encrypted file transfer and SSL. No need to worry. Feel free to resize image(s).
What is the Maximum file size of PNG picture?
There are different PNG files having different file size. Furthermore, generally, BMP file do not exceed more than 4GBs. Also, the PNG can be around 140GB or higher as it do not have a fix size limit.


Although, Our online photo compressor can compress PNG images approximately 80% or more in quality. A website or a web page using Compressed PNG won’t take much time to load a page. As it is lower in size, the page speed will be higher. Use our best free online compress PNG To 1MB tool and experience the best of the best compression.

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