Surely, You can reduce PNG image file size with our best online Compress PNG To 80KB tool. While maintaining the high quality png images, icons, and SVG, use the Compress Karu online png resizer for free. Portable Graphic format which is usually known as PNG is an uncompressed and raster image type. This image size is mostly used in larger size images, in design work, and product images.  Larger size images are very difficult to share and upload as it takes a lot of time. If you really want to shrink png size in KBs, you can use our online png image size in kb compressor.

Compress PNG To 80KB Online

Compress PNG under 80KB is and online web based tool that reduces the existing size of a PNG photo without losing its quality. Also, this tool’s compression is very fast and smart. Furthermore, you can also save the compressed PNG image onto JPEG format. Not only this but also, we do convert PNG to PDF at the moment. The output colors of that PNG image(s) will be the same as it was before compression.

Our online PNG converter lets its users and visitors to reduce PNG image file size under 80KBs. Regardless, There would be no watermark added on the compressed pictures.

Features of Compress PNG Below 80KB Online

There are more than 8 benefits of using compress PNG To 80KB tool. To know about these advantages, please have a look below:

Cloud-Based Server

Now you can compress PNG image(s) through your web browser. No matter which device you are using. We have a cloud based server. It means, our tool is available online 24/7. You can use this tool as much as you can. Also, you can use our tool anytime, from anywhere, unlimited. In addition, say good bye to third-party offline applications. Use your Laptop, Phone (Android, iOS), Tablet PC, or MAC OS to compress PNG online.

Compress Image To 80KB Algorithms

We have coded very fast algorithms in this tool. It makes compression very fast as this tool is very smart. Even if you have a bunch of png images, it will also compress whole batch shortly within few seconds. Luckily, it won’t disturb the pictures quality and pixels. Everything will be the same as before. We recommend you to use this tool at least once. We are 100% sure that you will come back and reuse it.

Privacy Policy ensures that the user’s personal data is safe and secure. Without a doubt, we do not compromise on privacy and the quality. You data is in safe hand. We assure you that we never use it. Also, we do not share it with any third-party applications. You can use online Compress PNG image free without any kind of worry. Furthermore, the data you have uploaded on our sever, is not stored. We delete all of your RAW and compressed image(s) automatically just after compression.

Compress Multiple PNG To 80KB

If there are a group of images and you compress png to 80KB or under 80kb one by one, it consumes a lot of time. One by one compression is much slower. We have update our online png compressor software. Now, It resize image or a group of image at the same same. You can upload and reduce size of image in KBs within no time.

Enhanced Quality Compression

Although, we have improved the image compression quality. The png image quality will remains the same as it was before. It won’t affect the quality of your image(s). Also, it won’t affect the pixels.

No Subscription & Fee

We never demand even a single penny to our users. Also, we do not ask them for any subscriptions and premium services, and donations. Although, it is a free tool. People from all over the world can use this tool. Moreover, there is no time limitations and specifications. You can use it anytime in day or night.

Single Tap Download Reduced PNG Images

Download and upload compressed data is much easier with online png image compressor free tool. No need to go through with lengthy procedure to download your compress images. When you click on compress & download button. your all the compressed images will be automatically downloaded. While on the other hand, Just after the compilations, click on download button. You data will be download immediately.

How To Online Compress PNG To 80KB?

It is so easy to use our tool. Even if you are not much familiar with computer, you will know how to use online png compressor by looking on its interface. Well, we have explain the simple easy procedure below. Have a look at that:

  1. Click on the “Select Image(s)” button to upload images.
  2. Also, You can drag and drop the files into doted area.
  3. Select the gallery or required folder.
  4. Select images.
  5. Click on “Compress & Download” button to compress and automatic download output files.

You are done.!

What’s New in Compress PNG Under 80KB Online Tool?

  • Better Quality.
  • Online PNG Image Viewer.
  • Faster Compression.
  • Multiple Online Image Resizer.
  • Improved Security.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • 100% Free.
  • Technical Team Support.
  • No Data Tracking.
  • & Much More.


How I can Compress PNG To 80KB Online?
Go through the

1- Look for the size and file type you want to compress in.

2- Add new files to resize PNG photo to less than 50kb.

3- Click on Compress.

4- Download and enjoy.

Will it lost the image quality while compressing PNG into KB?
No, compress any png image into any size won’t affect the quality of the phot. It will only reduce size of png pictures. Also, you will have compressed png without losing its quality.
Is is safe to compress PNG image?
Of course. It is 100% safe and secure to use our online image compressor. Neither we store user’s data on our server, nor we share it with anyone. You can use it freely.


If you are a professional or an expert in any area of field, you are sharing larger files. It will consume a lot of time. The clients, who have to download such larger files, will get angry while downloading and viewing on their legacy computers. In short, it is much easier to have these files on your PCs without any burden. Also, you can share these files within same quality but low in size. Yes! You have to compress png images to KBs with our online image compressor tool. It saves a lot of storage and time as well. Also, it is a free unlimited tool. You can use it as much as you can.

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