As, GIF file format was created in 1987 by CompServe. The main purpose to create GIF image file was to store the animations or animated image slider on computer system. But after sometime, when automation stared and 90% business in the world converted to online file system, GIF file system on computer memory started creating problems just because of its larger file size. Also, its popularity went down just after the creation of JPG and JPEG image file format. But still, it is in-demand. Mostly Webpages supports and like to use GIF images. To upload GIF formats, you have to shrink GIF image size into KB. Here, CompressKaru is providing a free Online GIF optimizer. online GIF image resizer will reduce and compress GIF to 2MB without losing quality. Read full discussion and learn more about it. It won’t take much time.

Compress GIF To 2MB Online Free

Compress GIF under 2MB is an online tool that reduce GIF file size to KB. It won’t take much time to optimize GIF picture. There are multiple options and features available while reducing its size. You can apply various thing on your GIF. Furthermore, our GIF compressor tool won’t affect on its picture’s quality, colors, and pixels. After optimization, your reduced files will look same as raw and original files.

Additionally, there are multiple benefits of using GIF optimizer online free. The main advantage of convert GIF size tool is that the compress GIF below 2MB file will take no time to load on a particular website or web page. As compressed file size is light weight and optimized, your webpage load and response time will also be optimized.

Features of Compress GIF Below 2MB

Although, There are various features available on our GIF file size reducer tool. To know more about it’s features, we have enlisted its top features below. Have a look at that:

Multiple GIF File Compressor is offering multiple pictures to reduce gif file size online. Say good bye to legacy and lazy image compressors. We have updated our algorithm, server, and response time. In addition, when you enter your query to resize GIF with GIF resizer online, our tool will respond you immediately. Also, now you don’t have to shrink GIF files one-by-one. Yes! You can now upload and compress multiple GIF files at the same time. It will take same time top compress them as it was taking for a single GIF photo. Try it at least once, we hope you will like it.

Enhanced Usability

Without a doubt, we have enhanced usability and overall performance. It is more easier to use GIF resizer MB tool. Also, more fun with better user-experience (UX).

Advanced Privacy & Confidentiality

Undoubtedly, we have also improved user’s privacy. Their data is in safe hand. We or any of CompressKaru’s team member do not steal, reuse, or share user’s personal data. Also, we do not provide any kind of data to any third-part apps or websites. You can our tool without being worry. We are here to protect your confidential data. Certainly, we are responsible too.

No Specialized Device & Operating System

There is no need to buy or look for a special device. You can operate our tool from any device including Android iPhone, MAC, Tablet PC, Laptop, etc. Moreover, you can use it from any web browser of any operating system including Apk, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Unix. Although, Compress GIF To 2MB is a cross-browser web application. You just have to make sure that your device has a stable internet connection. Nothing else!

No Photoshop in Compress GIF To 2MB

Certainly, there is no need to use Photoshop software to reduce GIF size. Also, say good bye to boring offline software applications. Our tool provide all in one pack in online GIF optimizer. Click on it to experience best GIF compressor features and advantages.

How To Use Compress GIF To 2MB Free Online App?

There are simple and easy steps to compress image files online. Read and follows the same procedure:

  1. Click on the “Add Files” button.
  2. Also, you can drag and drop your files so easily.
  3. Now choose your desired GIF photo(s) from the file directory.
  4. Click on the “Compress & Download” button.
  5. Within few seconds, your file(s) will be ready and download automatically.



Is it free to use Online Compress GIF into 2MB tool?
Absolutely yes! It is 100% free to use online GIF resizer tool. You won’t be asked for any donation, subscription, and signup.
Can I resize multiple GIF files?
Yes! you can reduce GIF file without losing quality. Also, you can compress as much as images you want. There is no limitations for it.
What GIF sizes you are offering for compression?
We have multiple tools on our website. But for GIF files, w are offering to reduce 256KB, 500KB, 1MB, 2MB, 8MB, 10MB, 20MB, 40MB, and 100MB tools within the same frame.


We have discussed multiple features of our GIF converter tool mentioned above. We recommend you to read the full procedure for ease before compression. Use it and let us know about its working and pictures quality too. We are pleased to listen it from you. Also, Feel free to contact regarding to improvement or suggestion. Thank you in advance.

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