GIFs are the group of looped animated images or videos. Their demand has increased nowadays. Many people including social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) influencers and website owners are using GIF images as they are the best way to pass your message or information to someone. But the problem is that the GIF images are larger in size. Most online platforms don’t let us post a heavy-sized GIF image on their platform. In addition, Web owners should also avoid using such size GIFs. To fix this problem, we do resize GIFs to a specific size to make them responsive and user-friendly. Specifically, Today, we are going to discuss Resize GIF to 150KB online tool & how to use it. Have a look below to read the full instructions:

Resize GIF To 150KB Online

It is a web-based online GIF resizer application that lets you resize your GIF images and videos into a specific size without losing quality. In addition to the GIF size reducer, it will compress your file(s) into exactly 150KB. Also, there is no compression time or resizing limit as well. You can utilize it as much as you can.

Moreover, Your personal data is secure with Compress Karu. Our smart system uses end-to-end encryption techniques to protect your data from unauthorized entities. it means that You don’t have to get worried about it. In addition, we do not share or reuse your data. And it is immediately deleted just after the processing.

How To Use Resize GIF TO 150KB With Free Converter?

Follow the simple guide that is given below to reduce your large-size GIF to a small size. Have a look at that:

  1. Click on the “Add” button to resize GIF animated video from your gallery.
  2. Click on the “Upload/Open” button.
  3. In the third step, Now click on the “Resize” button.
  4. You will be done in a minute.
  5. You’re processed data file(s) is resized and automatically downloaded to your device’s “Download” or “Gallery” folder.


Is it safe to use Resize GIF to a specific size?

Of course, It is possible to decrease your large size GIF to a specific size. In addition, it is free to use a GIF resizer online tool for everyone. Not only this but also, but you can also resize as much as data you want without any per-day resizing limit.

Can I use an online GIF resizing tool on my iPhone? 

Obviously, there are no device requirements to use a GIF resizing tool. No matter, which device you have such as iPhone, iPad, MAC, Windows PC, or Android. You just make sure that you have a good working internet connection. Through any web browser including Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE), or Opera Mini, you can access this online tool.

Will I lose my GIF quality by using an online GIF size resizer?

No, It won’t affect on any GIF quality, colors, pixels, or dimensions of your GIF data. Only the size of a GIF will be reduced. The quality of a GIF will remain the same.

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