Compress GIF To 256KB – Reduce Gif Size Online (Fast)

The best way to compress GIF online is with using CompressKaru’s GIF compressor. Our online GIF optimizer will compress GIF without losing quality. In addition, our smart tool will resize animated GIF images. Also, it lets its users share the compressed GIF to online platforms and social media platforms directly with a single tap. In addition, if you have a large size GIF, and you want to reduce size to KB, then you do not need to worry. Our Compress GIF to 256KB is here. For sure, it is online and totally free to use.

What is GIF File?

Gif is a bitmap image format. It is also known as Graphic Interchange Format (GIF). At first, it was developed by an expert team of CompuServe on the 15th of June 1987. Before posting a GIF on your website or on a social media platform, you must know about its types. Also, make sure that you are using the best GIF image file formats.

  1. The Perfect-Loop GIF
  2. Reaction GIF.
  3. Technical GIFs.
  4. Replay GIF.
  5. Cinemagraph GIFs.

Moreover, GIF Carries sorrow, happiness, more emotions, a sense of humor, and so on. It is used to express them to your loved ones.

What is Online Compress GIF To 256Kb Tool?

Our best online Gif compressor will reduce Gif size and make it capable of various social media platforms and websites. Our tool will compress your image to the possible smallest size without losing quality. In addition, there will be no difference in quality between the original GIF file and the compressed file. The only difference will be the size. As we have a smart tool, you can apply multiple things to your Gif while compress gif online.

Unoptimized GIFs may cause slower loading and downloading issues. Before using such raw files, you should reduce their size for better performance and speed. Use our online GIF resizer and share it with your friends to get better results. Everything here is free of cost.

Features of Compress GIF To 256KB Online Free Tool

There are various amazing features and advantages of using compress GIF to specific size. We have mentioned some of its features and modules below. Take a look at that:

No Quality Loss

Although we have updated our online GIF image compressor. There will no loss of Gif quality and dimensions while compressing it to a particular size. In addition, we do not compromise on compression quality. Our smart application checks whether the GIF video is compressed finely or not. If somehow there may be some glitch or bug during compression, it will automatically fix it. Moreover, only size will be decreased. All the color schemes will remain the same and it will look like the original GIF file.

Free To Use Online GIF Compressor 

To compress GIF image size, use our best GIF compressor online tool. You can compress GIF free with its premium features. We do not charge our dearest visitors. Additionally, You won’t be asked to pay us or buy any subscription plan. Also, there is no trial period on our tool. Without a doubt, everything on is free for everyone.

Multiple GIF Compression

Many tools allow users to compress GIF below 256KB individually. Their system does not allow users to reduce GIF size by uploading two or more animations video (GIF) at the same time. Here, on our GIF resizer online tool, you can upload two or more than two GIFs at the same time. No extra time will be consumed. Yes! compression time for a single gif will be the same as a batch of GIFs. Without a doubt, it saves a lot of time.

Reduce GIF Size To 256KB Exactly

If we talk about another gif resizer online tool, they do not compress GIF under 256 KBs accurately. While on the other hand, we have tested our GIF resizer KB tool multiple times. Each time, it produces the same results. Now you can reduce gif size to 256KB exactly. By checking its properties, you can check its size will be exactly 256KB.

Fast Compression

Unlike JPEG converters, our GIF converter online tool compress GIF files immediately. Users do not have to wait for minutes. You can test our compress GIF image size within no time. No matter, whether you compress a single GIF image or multiple. every time, it will take the same time.

No Watermark

This is the latest feature of our tool. As we are offering a free GIF compressor to 256KB online tool to our visitors, there will be no watermark on compressed GIFs. You can use it freely.

Transparency Optimizer

Our GIF compressor keeps the first frame of the image in the background. All of the other remaining frames as transparent and makes unchanged parts of it. The output may rely on the nature of the GIF image(s). If an image has static dimensions, large in size, and screen-recorded video, it may provide a large-size result. In some cases, if the GIF videos are made by a photo slide show, it may produce poor results. But do not worry.! our tool optimizes transparency very efficiently.

Frame Removal – Compress GIF To 256KB

The last and only option to reduce GIF size is removing frames from GIFs. Unfortunately, just after compression, we do not have satisfying results and size. Also, reducing scaling and color reductions may not provide good size. At a high level, there is a method that provides good results while we shrink GIF. Let’s discuss the method with two other features. That is mentioned below. Have a look:

  • We may get better results by removing the nth frames.
  • Also, By removing duplicate frames, we can get improved results.

Our online GIF optimizer tool provides 50% to 80% matched frame removal. Also, removing the nth frame is a better choice to optimize GIF image. Removing every 4th, 5th, and nth frame can produce small-size files.

How To Compress GIF To 256KB Online?

Unlike other online photo compressors, GIF compressor is quite easy to operate. Furthermore, we have mentioned a few easy steps below. Have a look at that and follow the same procedure:

  • Click on the “Add/Upload” button.
  • Select and click on the “Open/Upload” button.
  • Now, click on the “Compress Gif(s)” button.
  • Soon, you will be able to download compressed images.

Enjoy GIF size to KB.

FAQs About Compress GIF Under 256KB Tool

How Can I resize a GIF file?
Simply, select GIF file and upload it to the CompressKaru GIF compressor tool. Now, click on the Compress button. Very soon, your files will be ready. You can download it or share it directly.
How to improve animated GIF quality in easy ways?
We recommend you not change the tool’s default settings. By default, it will apply the best setting to compress GIFs in better quality. Still, it will shrink size of GIF.
Can I convert Youtube videos to GIF?
For now, we are not offering this feature. But very soon, it will be available to everyone as our experts are working on it.
Can I use GIF reducer tool offline?
Certainly Not! Only you can reduce GIF file size online & for free.


Compress Karu takes care of users’ data. We do not share it with anyone. Additionally, we do not store it on our server. We hope you enjoyed our Online GIF compressor tool. But still, if you think there should be an addition of something, or you have any suggestions about improvements or bugs, please let us know through our email address, or contact us page. Also, you can comment in the comment area that is placed at the end. Thank you!

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