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PDF is a well-known format containing data or information such as images (vector graphics and Bitmap graphics). Also, PDF stands for Portable Document Format. In addition to a PDF, it can be different sizes that can vary according to the information in it. In the digital world, it is used to share information or represent document presentations. Furthermore, we use or share PDFs in our universities, colleges, and offices daily. Depending on the information in it, a PDF can have different sizes. Many online platforms including learning management systems (LMS), office management systems, content management systems (CMS), or other information management systems allow us to share or upload PDFs for specific purposes. But these systems and social media apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitch, etc.) also have some limitations for PDF file uploading. For sure, it can be the size limit. In this blog post, we will let you know how to resize, compress, and use an online PDF converter.

What Is A PDF File?

PDF is known as the Portable Document Format. This is a kind of file format that was developed by Adobe in 1992. In addition, PDF was developed to represent the document. A PDF document can have any text or images in it. Each document contains text, fonts, vectors, images (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIFF), and some other information to be displayed. Moreover, a PDF file can be public or password-protected. It was standardized in 2008 as ISO 32000.

Free Online PDF Converter

Although, a PDF converter is an online web application that allows its users to convert any file such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIFF, etc. for free even without downloading an external application. In addition, users can convert any files to PDF. Also, they can convert heic to PDF file to any format (PNG, JPG, JPEG, Word, etc.). It is a free-to-use application. No one has to pay even a single penny.

Features & Benefits Of An Online PDF Converter

Here are some benefits and features of a PDF converting tool mentioned below. Take a look at that:

Free To Use

There are many online and offline PDF converters available on the internet. Some of the converters are paid and the rest of the tools only allow a few limited files to convert. On the other hand, Compress Karu lets you convert your files for free. There is no need to pay for any conversion. Also, you don’t have to buy or subscribe to any membership. Enjoy unlimited conversions without any limitations.

Convert PDF Without Losing Quality

Without a  doubt, Compress Karu’s PDF converter will not affect the quality of the data while converting it to any file format. In addition, your data like images, texts, or other graphics quality will remain the same as the original.

Bulk Online PDF Converter

Compress Karu lets you convert files to PDF or form PDF to any file type in bulk. It has batch-converting features in it. Moreover, choose and convert PDFs at the same time with a single click without wasting your time.

User-Friendly Interface

Although, it has a user-friendly interface. All the tools, menus, and features of the PDF converter are well-organized. You can easily look for any tool, feature, or option very easily. Besides this, you can also convert files without having any experience-level knowledge.

Safe & Secure

When it comes to the user’s data protection, Compress Karu’s free PDF converter is very safe to use. Furthermore, your data and files are safe to use. We do not share or sell your personal or organizational files with any third-party applications. Also, your data will be deleted from our tool and server just after a few minutes of converting.

Why And Who Can Convert PDF Files Online?

Educational And Academic Purposes

Students, instructors, and trainers can use online tools to convert their assignments, slides, research papers, notes, thesis, or presentations to PDF format with one click. By converting their data to PDF, they can easily share or distribute it even having a slow speed internet.

Professionals Businesses

Professionals like business owners, freelancers, job holders, job seekers, etc can access this tool to convert their files to PDF. Convert free files such as projects, reports, or presentations to PDF. Although, CompresKaru’s PDF converter will perform these tasks very efficiently.

Content Creators

For further editing, content created can convert PDFs into editable formats with one click.

Archiving Documentation

Our PDF converting tools can help out in archiving and documentation. You can convert digital or physical products into PDFs.

How To Convert A File To PDF Or PDF To Any Format Without Losing Quality?

To convert the file to PDF for free, you have to follow the mentioned guide. Have a look at and follow the same instructions:

  1. Click on the “Select Files” button.
  2. Also, you can drag and drop the file(s) to the converter.
  3. Now choose the file(s) you want to convert to PDF and click on the “Open” button.
  4. After opening the file, tap on the “Convert” button.
  5. Wait for the processing.
  6. After a few seconds of processing, click on the “Download” button to save the PDF file.


What is an online PDF converter?

It is a web-based platform that lets you any file to PDF online. You don’t have to download and install any software like Adobe to convert your files. In addition, you just needed an internet connection/mobile data and a web browser to access the tool.

What type of file I can convert to PDF?

Compress Karu’s online PDF converter supports various file formats such as DOCX, DOCS, XLSX, word, JPG, JPEG, WebP, PPTX, and PNG. So, you can convert any file like Word to PDF or JPG to PDF with one click.

How to convert a file To a PDF?

Here are the steps to convert a file to PDF:

  1. Click on the “Add Files” button to add the file(s) for conversion.
  2. Now select the file from your device and tap on the “Open” button.
  3. Now click on the “Convert” button.
  4. After processing, click on the “Download” button to save the converted files.

Is PDF converters safe?

Of course, it is safe to use Compress Karu PDF converters. There is no need to get worried about it. In addition, we do not sell or share your personal, educational, or organizational data to any third-party apps and platforms. Also, our smart system will delete your data from the server after a few minutes of conversion.

Can I use an online PDF converter using any device?

You can use any device like iPhone, Android, Macbook, Windows PC, Tablet PC, and so on to use or access any PDF converters. You just need an internet connection and a web browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge)) to access this tool.

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