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While Compress PNG to specific, the first thing and online tool that comes in mind is We provides an up-to-date algorithms based a bunch of different tools that helps you to compress PNG to smaller size.  But, the best way to compress PNG is to reduce its size below 400KB. Also, Compress Karu is an online application/tool that lets your to Compress PNG To 400KB free. Now, you do not have to go anywhere else. In addition, you won’t need any external and offline apps to compress PNG picture size or to Compress PNG to desired size.

Compress PNG To 400KB Online

As per its name, it an online free web based application that is used to reduce PNG size into KB. Also, while compressing PNG below 400KB, it won’t lose quality. Additionally, You can reduce any kind of PNG image with larger in size under 400KB. You won’t be asked to pay for it.

Moreover, out tool’s compression quality, color adjustment, and dimension during compression will not be effected. If we talk about its more benefits and features, we will discuss it in next topic. To know more about it, please read the full article. It won’t take your much time.

Features of Using Compress PNG Below 400KB

We have enlisted some of its advantages and functionalities. We recommend you to read the full article for a better experience.

Fast Compression

In this Modern Era, everyone is busy in their daily tough routine. No one have mush time. Specially when they are in office or working. For best PNG compressor to 400kb, use our updated free online PNG compressor tool. It lets it user(s) to compress image(s) one-by-one. Not only this but also, it let its user to reduce size into KB of more than two image(s) at once.

Yes! now with our tool, you can compress more images without any wait.  Additionally, it will take the same time as you are compressing a single image. The main point is that, it compress PNG to KB without losing quality and pixels. The image’s quality will remain the same in result.

Reduce Image Size Online

Another best part of our Online imager compressor tool is that you can reduce the size of PNG online. You do not have to download heavy offline application as these third-party apps are not secure. In addition, the offline apps are a kind of burden of device and it’s storage.

With our best PNG compressor, you can resize PNG to 400KB online. There is no high performance device is needed. Also, no other specifications are required. It only need a stable internet connection. No matter, where you are. You can access this tools anytime, anywhere, from any device like iPhone, iOS device/iPad, Tablet PC, Laptop, and so on.

Single Click Direct Upload or Download

Without a doubt, we have made uploading and downloading PNG or compress PNG very easy. You can simply Sync One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive(G Drive), or iOS Cloud Storage by a single tap. After syncing your account, you can directly upload or download image(s) directly without knowing anyone.

How To Compress PNG Under 400KB?

There are multiple ways to reduce png size less than 400KB or under 400KBs. We have mentioned an easy and simple way for you. And it is mentioned below:

  1. First of all, Click on “Add/Upload image(s)” button.
  2. Allow access to our tool to select image(s).
  3. Now, select the storage device, folder or images you want to compress online.
  4. Click on “Compress & Download” button.
  5. Wait for it, and don’t be panic. It won’t take much time.
  6. Congrats! Your files are compressed, ready and download automatically.

Enjoy Compression.


Is it really compress PNG and reduce its size?
Of course, CompressKaru’s online PNG compressor reduce the size of image to 400KB. Also, it will do compression in best quality. Try at least once to experience its results.
Is it free to use Resize PNG To 400Kb?
Although, it is 100% free and legit to compress image to 400 kb using online PNG image compressor. We won’t charge you any cost. Also, we do not demand any other favor to our precious visitors. Enjoy as much as you can use this tool.


Although, Worth it to use Reduce PNG size with Online PNG Picture Resizer tool. It has many features in it. Not only this, but also, we have made this tool very smart. It will apply a color scheme automatically on low quality or colored image(s). Furthermore, this tool is safe and secure to use.

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