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Image compressor is a tool that compress or reduce the size of an image. While on the other hand, online image compressor is an online tool that reduce the image size online. In addition, it can compress any kind of image type like JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc. Our online photo compressor tool is made using latest algorithms and techniques. Moreover, it won’t decrease the image quality.

Online Image Compressor Tool

Online compress jpeg tool is used to compress or reduce the photo size online. It is made up with the latest optimization algorithms. It reduce or shrink the images with type of .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, and .GIF to the possible required file size without loosing its quality. In addition, the compression with is very easy and simple. It also provides the best compressed image quality and accuracy.

There is no maximum image upload size boundary. It means that you can upload any image with the maximum file size. Additionally, Photo compressor make the digital photo like a characteristics of a physical image with possible minimum file size. If we talk on image quality, out tool will not loos the image qulity or pixels.


The processing power of our tools is excellent.

100% Secure

 The Server does not store any files. Our system is safe.

User Friendly

Everyone can use these tools easily with just 1 click,

Original Transparent Photo File Size 50KB
Original Transparent Photo File Size 50KB


Compressed Transparent Photo File Size 15KB
Compressed Transparent Photo File Size 15KB

Features of Online Image Compressor

There are many interesting and latest features added in our tool. Online phot compressor characteristics and benefits are discussed below. Have look at:

Desired Image File Size Reduction

Certainly, you can reduce your image within particular required size. Like most people want a compressed image in 500Kb, 200Kb,100Kb, 50Kb, 30Kb, 20KB, etc. So, there is no file size limitations.

Image File Safety

Compresskaru make sure that your uploaded file are safe. As your images are confidential and private. So, we do not use any kind of images. Also, the compression process is established with a secure server connection and encrypted data transmission. Even your files won’t distributed to any third party sources. Either the compressed file or uploaded images are checked manually. You can use our online image compressor without any kind of jitter.

Compress Image Online

Say goodbye to any external application to shrink image size. Now, you have not to allow or install any app on your device. There is an online tool for you to compress photos online. Also, you data is safe and secure with our online tool. You only have to upload your image or a group of image for compression. In addition, you can directly download or share your compressed data with a single tab.

User-Friendly Interface

It has a user-friendly design which is very easy to use. No expert level knowledge is required to use this tool. Any person of any age group can use online photo compressor.  Online image compressor saves you from complexity and a lot of user’s time during compression. We are trying our best to provide a best experience to our valued visitors.

Free To Use JPEG Compressor

There is no cost to use this tool. We’re only here to provide the best possible solution to our visitors. The online photo compressor don’t force and ask its users to make any purchase. Also, it don’t ask visitors for any kind of subscription. In short, you do not have pay a single penny. As a result, you can use its best services like high quality image compression, instant undamaged reduce size pictures for free of cost.

Fast Compression

As free online image compressor is developed with updated and enhanced algorithms, it has a very fast compression. It won’t take much time to resize your images. Now, you do not have to wait for a long. It compress large sized images within few seconds in.

Multiple File Formats

Compress Karu online compression tool supports multiple image file formats. It allows its users to upload images in various formats like jpg, .jpeg., and .png without any restrictions.

No Device Requirements

It doesn’t nee any particular device to use this tool. It is compatible for all kind  of devices. If you have iPhone or android device, you can also use online photo compressor. Moreover, if you are using a tablet pc, laptop or desktop computer, the you can also use this tool for free.

Image Dimension Changer

Without a doubt, it has a online dimension changer tool. If you are facing dimension issue with your image, don’t worry! Our online tool will help you regarding to this. While you upload the image, it will ask you to set its dimensions (if needed). Washout a doubt, it will work without losing quality and pixels.

Bulk Image Compressor

If you have more images, then It allows its user to compress multiple images within same quality at same time. You don’t have to upload and compress images one by one. Our Advanced photo size compressor save a lot of time and effort as well.

Access From Anywhere

There is no boundary limit to use image compressor. It is designed for all people across the border. Also, it has no language barrier. Anyone can use online photo size compressor from anywhere, anytime over the world.

No External Software Installation

Now a days, most of the people do not get comfortable while installing an application on their device like PC, Laptop, Mobile phone, etc. Sometimes, they are running low storage on their devices. Therefore, we have introduced a web-based online image compressor tool. You don’t have to install any application to reduce jpeg image from now. You just need an internet connection to use best image compressor. Also, it is useful for everyone.

Best Quality Online Image Compressor

The quality of compressed images is a big challenge now a days. Most of the tools can not fulfill the quality. However, they failed to provide the best quality to the user. Our free photo compressor is developed in such a manner that it will not affect the quality of the image. Also, it will compress JPEG images in best quality.

Different Types of File Formats

There are multiple types of file formats that are being used mostly. To know more about such kind of image formats, have a look below:

  1. JPEG
  2. JPG
  3. PNG
  4. GIF
  5. WebP


At first, JPEG was released by Joint Photographic Experts Group, IBM, Mitsubishi Electric, AT&T, Canon Inc. 30 years ago in September 18, 1992. It is most commonly used method of lossy compression for digital images. In addition, this is a best method for the images produced by digital photography. Most of the images are taken, saved, and shared in JPG & JPEG format. JPEG file extensions are more reliable and shorter for easy sharing data within high quality of image but low in size.

Moreover, it has discrete cosine transform technique to compress an image. And, JPEG was specially designed how a human eye can see the scenery. JPG or JPEG both are the same formats. There is a slight difference of the numbers of characters used in it. With no doubt, JPG only exist in earlier versions of Windows OS like MS DOS 8.3 and FAT-16 file systems with three letters of extension at the end of a file name.

2- PNG

Portable Network Graphics also know as PNG is a raster-graphics file format. It use lossless data compression. Also, it was developed as non-patented and improved graphics Interchange Format. For the very first time, PNG was developed by PNG Development Group (donated to W3C) in October 1st, 1996 (right after four years of JPG/JPEG file formats).

Later, PNG was extended to APNG, JNG and MNG. And it’s magic number is 8 bytes Hexadecimal. PNG is high-quality image file format. It supports transparency and it is best for webpages. Additionally, image viewers, graphic programs, and web browsers use this kind of file format.

3- GIF

GIF stand for Graphics Interchange Format, developed by CompuServe led by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite. It is the earlier and old image file format which was designed on 15th of the June, 1987. GIF is also a lossless data compression format. GIF allows to combine a group of the image and frames. Each combined image can act as a basic animation. Each picture holds and supports 8 bits per pixel. Also, Gif may contain 256 indexed colors in it. In short, Gif is the soundless video or a series of images, looped continuously without any key stroke or click.

4- WebP

WebP is a modern type of image compression. On the web, it provides the superior lossless and lossy compression for an image.  Additionally, web developers and webmasters can make more smaller high resolution images using WebP. Certainly it makes a website more faster. As compared to PNG, WebP lossless images are around 26% smaller in size. By using our online jpeg compressor, you can also convert your images WebP images.

Types of Image Compressor

Mainly, there are two most commonly types of image compression. To know furthermore about these types, please have a look below:

1-Lossless Compression

Lossless compression is the procedure to resize the image within the same quality. It is used to compress the image without damaging its pixels. Usually, the picture taken with the DSLR camera have large in size. Such kind of images are not easy to manage as it take more space or storage. In addition, pictures taken with DSLR or any similar device are quiet bigger and you can’t upload these images on online platform due to size limitations.

Lossless reduction helps you to reduce the size of JPEG/JPG/PNG with the same picture quality like before. Our image compressor online allows its visitors to use lossless compression by default.

2-Lossy Compression

While on the other hand, lossy compression remove some parts of an image in such a way that it won’t look bad during resizing it. Moreover, you can clear out some pieces and the bits of an image that affect the image quality.

How To Reduce JPEG Size Online?

Without a doubt, it is quiet simple and easy to resize your JPG/JPEG with our online jpeg image compressor and resizer tool. On our tool’s page, you just only have to upload your image and select the desired size you want to resize in. Preview the dimensions of it, and click on compress. After few seconds, your original image will be compressed in same quality as it was before.

What’s New in Best Online Image Compressor

  • Attractive design.
  • Smooth usability
  • Encrypted sharing.
  • 100% Secure.
  • Fast compression.
  • Updated algorithms.
  • Better quality.
  • Actual size compression.
  • Easy upload & download.
  • Batch upload.
  • Single click resizer.
  • & much more..


What is the maximum image size limit for the image compressor?
Indeed, there is no limitations of maximum uploading image size. You can upload and compress an image or a batch of images of any size.
What type of image format I can compress?
You can resize any type or image file format like JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WebP from our image compressor tool.
Do this tool save or store my uploaded images?
Undoubtedly not.! We do not use/reuse or save any visitor’s data to our database. As your data is private and confidential, so you can use CompressKaru online JPG compressor without any mistrust.
How does online photo compressor works?
Our photo resizers is developed with the new techniques and algorithms. It works smartly and efficiently. Also, this tool compresses an image to the most accurate required size.
Is it safe to use online image compressor?
Yes! we make sure about the privacy of your private data. Even we don’t share your precious data to anyone. Use it peacefully.
Why do I need to deduce the size of an image?
Although, it is not possible to upload JPG/JPEG images with larger size over online platforms. These online platforms or websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. don’t allow it’s users to upload such images that take too much storage. Furthermore, you have to resize the image you are trying to upload. Our online image reducer compress the image size without losing its quality.
Is online image compressor tool works offline?
Certainly not, our tool is a web-based application. It only require a stable internet connection for compression. We do not have any offline software like jpg size reducer.


Best free online image compressor is an advanced web-based application used to compress images online. It can assist you regarding your professional tasks and educational tasks as well. In addition, it can also assist you if you are a Developer, Graphic designer, Analyst, Image Editor, etc. Moreover, if you are a seasonal guy, its is the best tool for you. Not only this but also, you can compress images if you are a job seeker and want to reduce image size for your CV or Resume.