CompressKaru online image resizer allows its users to compress JPEG to 20KB for free. Simply, upload your photo and it will reduce photo into 20KB. Most of the online platform including social media like Meta, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter do not allow its users to upload a maximum size image. Also, if you are applying for a job, creating a profile on Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour, 99 Designs, WorkChest etc. It also ask its users to upload a compress image.

Compress Online JPEG To 20KB

The name of the tool elaborate its functionality as it is self explanatory. Compress JPG To 20Kb is a web based application that allows its users to resize image size as low as they need. Our best online image compressor is totally free for every user around the world. In addition, it is very easy to use by following simple steps. Not only this, but also it has a fast compression algorithms that make conversion so rapid.

Moreover, there is no need to download and install any external application on your device. You can do your tasks online. Except this, it has no device restrictions. You can use your Mobile phone, PC, Laptop, Desktop Pc, Tablet PC, Apple iOS/iPhone’s web browser to perform your task. Also, you can go with JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WebP image formats that are commonly used on the internet. Most of the digital devices like DSLR cameras and mobile phone use JPEG file formats. Even these images are not fully compressed. That’s why you need online image compressor to reduce its size with the same good quality.

Features Of Using Compress JPEG To 20Kb Tool

There are so many features and benefits of using online compress jpeg to 20 kb. You can go through the features by scrolling down:

1- Free & Fast Image Compression

Although, You don not have to pay any single penny to any image compressors. We provide a free compression facility to our users. Additionally, you don’t have to wait for hours and minute to resize jpeg to 20kb. With our web-based tool, the compression has become so easy. It will resize any image within few moments. Moreover, convert image to jpg 20kb quickly within the same image quality as it was before.

2- Same Good Quality

Without a doubt, it won’t disturb the image quality. We make sure, it do not affect the quality while convert compress jpg to 20kb. The best thing in our tool is that it will not disturb the image pixels. Also, It won’t blur the image. You can use it without any hassle.

3- Secure To Use Compress Image To 20Kb

Our team ensures that the users data is private and it is not being shared to anyone or any third-party website or app. Also, we care about the privacy of user’s data. We do not reuse and save any of the image you upload and compress on our server. Furthermore, your compressed data will not disclosed to any unauthorized channel or shared with anyone. It is your confidential data and only you have the right to compress, download or share.

4- Unlimited Image Resizer

Most of the legacy tools do not allows the users to compress image more than one at a time. User have to wait more by compressing the single image one by one.  But, Compress Karu allows you to upload maximum images as you can. Also, our tool will compress all images at same time without any limit. You can use it as much as you can.

5- User-Friendly Interface & Experience

The interface of our compress jpeg to 20kb tool is so simple and elegant. There is few simple steps involved in. Also, there is no need to get train before using it. Any person of any age group can use it easily. Once, you use this tool, you come again in future.

6- No Specific Device Need

This is a cross-browser web-based application. It means, you can use it on any browser. Additionally, you can use it on any device you own. It won’t ask for any specifications or any special device to use it.

7- Global Tool

Online compress JPEG to 20kb is not developed for any specific country. People around the world can use it free. If you are in any country, on any location even while traveling, you can use it.

8- Time Saving Tool

As it has a simple interface and fast compression, it saves a lot of time. Also, you can compress batch images at same time, it also helps you save your precious time.

9- Save/Download & Easy Sharing

After shrinking the image(s), you can directly save it to your cloud, iCloud storage, Google Drive, (G Drive), Dropbox, phone storage, etc. Not only this, but also you ca share or upload converted image(s) to anywhere form our easy share feature.

10- JPEG To PDF Converter (Coming Soon)

Our team is working on JPG to PDF converter. It will be available very soon for any person around the world. Also, with this feature, you can directly convert your compressed jpg to pdf with a single tap.

11-Image To Zip Converter (Coming Soon)

Surely, image to zip converter will also be available in upcoming weeks. If you have a bundle of images, you can directly send the into a zip folder with image to zip converter.

What’s New in 20Kb Image Compressor?

We have made it easier and simple in our latest update (online image compressor 2.0). To see what’s new in it, have a look below:

  • Updated Algorithm.
  • Encryption for secure conversion.
  • Technical support.
  • Best app for Developers, Designers, Banks, Students, etc.
  • Better enhanced quality.
  • Enhanced performance.
  • Privacy concerned.
  • Accurate results.
  • Fast compression.
  • Unlimited compression.
  • Limitless usage.
  • No location barrier.
  • Time-savor.
  • Online image viewer.

& much more. .

How To Use Compress JPG To 20 KB?

There are few steps to compress JPEG to 20KB. Follow the mentioned below steps to resize your desired JPG/JPEG image(s):

  1. First of all, select an image(s) you want to compress.
  2. Secondly, upload images directly from your gallery or from your cloud server, drive, iCloud, etc. Select “Chose files” button.
  3. Allow permission to our tool.
  4. Click on “Compress Jpeg to 20KB” button.
  5. Wait for few seconds.
  6. Your images has been converted.
  7. Save, download or share compressed pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make photo to 20Kb or How to convert JPEG to 20KB?
It is very easy to compress JPEG to 20KB with our online image compressor. We have mentioned few steps above. Follow these steps, we hope you’ll find your solution for free.
Can I compress image to 20KB from my phone?
Yes! you can use this tool from any device you have including PC, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet pc, etc. The procedure is same for mobile and pc.
Can I use online compressor offline?
No, this is a web-based online tool. You only need a stable internet connection to use this tool.
What type of image file type/format I can reduce?
It is recommended to compress JPEG, JPG, PNG, and WebP images.


Most of the websites like job applications, exams application, online portals, and scholarship portals do not allow its users to upload a picture that have more than 20Kb file size. Now, you don’t have to worry while applying here. Use this tool and compress image size without being lose it’s quality. It is free and easy. Try it once, We hope you’ll like it.

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