Resize GIF To 100KB – Reduce GIF File Size Online

Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) is lossless compression. GIF is a bitmap format mostly used by website owners. As GIF images are infinite looped and have no sound, they become most popular again in 2023. Gifs look like a video or an animated video that never ends. Social media influencers are also adopting it nowadays. But there is still an issue. GIFs are larger in size. Most GIF users cannot use it on their websites. Also, they cannot post it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter just because of its bigger size. CompressKaru has a GIF size reducer tool that will Resize GIF to 100KB free. In this guide, we will deeply see how to use this tool and its other benefits of it. Have a look:

Resize GIF To 100KB

As the larger file size images can be the problem nowadays. but everything has a solution too. To reduce GIF size to a specific size, there are multiple tools available. But few of them work properly. Compress Karu’s Resize GIF image to 100KB is an online web tool that will accurately and definitely convert GIF image according to the given size.

Moreover, It won’t lose the image quality during and after processing. Also, it won’t lose image resolutions, pixels, and colors as well. At the same time, you can resize multiple photos with a single tap. Except this, it is a free online tool. You don’t have to pay for its premium services as all of its features and modules are available for public use.

How To Reduce GIF Size To 100KB Free With Gif Resizer Tool?

There is no expert knowledge required to use GIF image resizing online tools. Well, for your ease, we have provided a step-by-step guide. Have a look below and follow the same procedure:

  1. Scroll up and click on the “Attach/Upload Media” button.
  2. Now select desired pictures you want to resize from your image folder. Also, You can add more files and resize them at the same time.
  3. Click on the “Add/Open button”.
  4. Select size.
  5. Click on the “Resize GIF” button.

You will be done in a minute. And your processed media will automatically download.


What is an online GIF resizer?

GIF image Resizing is an online application. It lets user to resize a large size of GIF(s) for free. Moreover, it has many more features in it that you can use at the time of resizing. Also, it lets users to add more GIFs and decrease their size with a single click.

It is free to use Compress Karu’s GIF size reducer?

Of course, it is free for all users around the world. Not only free but also you can utilize and use all of its premium features. Even you don’t have to buy any trial or subscription. Nor you have to sign up for it.

Can I resize my GIF to 100KB from my iPhone?

Obviously, You can use any device or any web browser. Also, You can use your Safari browser, Google Chrome, and Opera Mini from iPhone/iOS/MAC/Android devices/PC, etc.

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