Compress JPEG To 10KB – Compress Without Losing Quality

You can resize your image with our Compress JPEG To 10KB within no time. Such image size under 10Kb is required by some web apps like job portals, admission portals, online platform, earning platform etc. Also, these mentioned platforms ask for user sign in JPG or JPEG formats below 10 KB.

What is Compress JPEG To 10KB Online Tool?

With no doubt, we do not compromise on image quality. With our online Jpeg image compressor tool, we make sure the user’s data is being compressed according to his/her requirement. Also, ensure that the compression is fast within same best quality as it was before. Our online compress JPEG/PNG/PDF to 10KB, has a short and updated algorithms. Such algorithms fetch the user’s data smartly and with accurately. Moreover, you don not have to download any external third party app to compress image into 10Kbs.

Furthermore, It has some simple easy and steps to make compression. Also, it has batch upload images option in it. Our team is working to make this tool more efficient and smart. In future, you may be able to remove particular image background within the same tool. To see more functionalities, feature & benefits, and how to use this tool, please have a look below and read full article.

Features of Compress JPEG To 10KB

It has many amazing features. You can have a look at one by one that is mentioned below:


Although, Mostly users do not trust on such apps as they have some privacy issues. Privacy is the 1st key to make secure your users. User’s have some confidential data and they do not want to share it publicly. Indeed, we don’t compromise on privacy. Neither we share your data with anyone (any third-party apps) nor we save it. Also, we do not use your any image uploaded and compressed through our online application.

Best Quality

After privacy & security, Quality is the second key of any tool. We ensure the user that the quality of compressed jpeg won’t lost with our tool. Online JPEG compress to 10 kb tool is developed through the experts of algorithms. Compression quality will remain the same as it was before. Also, it won’t affect the pictures pixels and dimensions as well. Not only pixels, but also it won’t blur the picture.

JPEG To 10Kb compress – Image Resizer

Three is an additional option to resize jpeg manually if he/she do not know how to use this tool. Simply, upload the image and drag and drop the resizer. Moreover, you can set the zoom, desired compression (10 KB, 20 KB, 50 KB & so on) size by tapping on the size button.

Fast Results has mad the compression so easy. You do not have to wait for minutes. Either you are shrinking JPG, JPEG, PNG, or WebP images, it will take the same time for all image formats. With our best JPEG image compressor tool, compression has become so easy. It will resize image(s) within few second. Experience the best quality and fast output.

Elegant UI

Many people do not know how to use such tools. Even they do not like to interact with complex user interface apps. Also, it affects the user’s trust. But our tool has a very simple and easy to use user-interface. The design of out online application is so attractive and elegant. Even the kids of the of 15 years can operate this tool. AS it has simple interface, you may familiar with this application easily.

Free Online Compress To 10Kb Tool

It is totally free to use and compress your images. There is no need to pay for compression to anyone. We do not demand for any subscription and funds. Use this tool as much as you need. You are warmly welcomed every time.

No Data Tracking

it is safe to use CompressKaru. Also, We do not track any user’s data. Except this, we do not ask for any special permission for storage, location, camera, microphone, call logs, and text messages. You can use this tool freely without any hesitation.

Good Bye To Offline Apps

Say good bye to third-party applications. you do not have to download any external application on your device (Laptop, Desktop, tablet PC, Phone). You can use this app online from any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini, etc.).

Remove Background Online (Coming Soon)

Our developer’s team is working on online image background tool. It will be available very soon for every visitors without any payment. With this tool, while compressing the JPEG to 10KB, you will have the option to remove unwanted background on run time. Also, it will provide different colors, themes, and images to set as background.

Convert JPEG To PDF (Coming Soon)

Unlike remove background online tool, our team is also working on JPG to pdf converter online feature. It will also be available in upcoming weeks. You can easily convert JPEG to PDF free with simple tap. Stay tuned.!

Add Signature

Some people looking for an online tool to add signature on their images. You do not have to go to any other website to add signature on images or pdf. We’re providing this facility free.

No Size Limit

most of tools do not allow its visitors to upload an image(s) with more file size. With our image resizer tool,  there is no size limit to upload and compress. You can compress the image of any size as much as bigger. Also, it will compress that large picture within the same quality.

Fetch Unlimited Data

You do not have to upload and compress images one by one. Our tool provides the facility to compress a group of images at same time. Also, it won’t take much time. In addition, it will not affect the image quality. Quality of each image will remain same.

Free To Use Compress JPEG To 10KB Tool Free

We do not charge any fees for the compression. Its totally free to use this tool. Also, we do not ask for any subscription and any action to perform for compression. Try it once, and let us know your experience and suggestion for improvements in comment box mentioned at the bottom of the page. We really appreciate your thoughts.

Easy Share & Download

Once, you have compressed your images, you can share it directly to any online platform through secure and encrypted communication channel. Additionally, you can directly export your pictures to your Gallery, iCloud storage, Phone, Google drive, Dropbox, and Vault.

Online Image Viewer

Also, You can view your images online before compression. If there is any problem in dimensions, you can also set that.

What’s New in Compress JPG To 10KB?

We have made some changes in our tool and make it more easier and smart. You can see that what new thing are added in online compress to 10Kb tool. have a look at:

  • Free technical assistance.
  • More secure.
  • Encrypted conversion.
  • No subscription.
  • News letter for upcoming updates and events.
  • More accurate compression.
  • Fast compression.
  • Unlimited usage.
  • No region barrier.
  • Improved quality.
  • Time saver.
  • Online image resizer added.

& many more.

How To Use Compress JPEG To 10 KBs?

The steps are very easy and simple. Follow the procedure and compress images online. Have look below:

  1. Click on “Upload image” button.
  2. Allow permission.
  3. Select image(s) and click on “Add” button
  4. Tap on the “Compress JPEG To 10KB” size button for compression.
  5. Wait for few seconds.
  6. You images has been compress and ready to save.
  7. Click on “Download” or “Share” button.


How do I compress a JPEG to 10kb?
If you are looking for “How do I reduce the KB size of a JPEG”? You’re on a right place. Click on Upload image. Then Click on Convert the JPEG to 10KB button. Your image(s) will be compressed in some time. After compression, you can save, share or convert the JPEG to PDF.
How do I change the KB size of a JPEG?
Although, With our online JPEG optimizer tool, you can reduce the size of JPG/JPEG into KB easily. There are different KB size converters available on our tool. Select the KB size you want to resize your image(s). Follow available process to compress images online.


Without a doubt, Our online image converter is a free tool. If you are a student, job seeker, job holder, a professional graphic designer, or a developer. you must have to try this tool. It compress the JPEG into KB (from available different sizes). In addition, if you are uploading an image to an online platform that asks to upload a smaller size image. Then this tool is specially developed for you.

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