As, PNGs are lossless compression file type. Also, it has a 24-bit and 32-bit scheme. It is not recommended to use larger size photos on your website. These files are like burden on a server as it takes a lot of time to load. In addition, we recommend to use compress PNG/JPEG/JPG images online for free on your website or webpage. These compressed pictures are smaller in size and have the same pixels and quality. If you want to Compress PNG To 10KB, is can also be used.

Compress PNG To 10KB Online

It is a self explanatory tool. It means, it is an online web-based application that resize png into KB for free. Our online image compressor and online png compressor reduce images into smaller in size. Benefit of using this tool is that it won’t lazy load your web page. The websites, businesses, e-commerce stores, designers, entrepreneurs, developers, and so on, who are offering product based services and designs can use this tool.

This tool convert any image with any size and type can be compressed through this tool. Now, say good bye to old legacy apps (offline & online). Our tool has more efficient and reliable results. Also, it has more latest features in it. If you want to use such elements and features, you can further visit to our site

Advantages of Using Compress PNG Below 10KB Online Application

We have enlisted few of its beneficial advantages. You can use these features for free. To know more about these advantages, have a look below:

Good Bye To Offline Apps

Certainly, it is painful to use use offline image compressors. First of all, it takes too much storage on device. Secondly, such image reducers takes a lot of time. There is no option to upload and compress images at once (batch compressor). Thirdly, these applications are not secure  and trustworthy.

In addition, the time has come to say good bye such irritating apps. We have introduced new online image compressors for all type of images. It won’t take any space on your device’s storage. Also, it saves a lot of time. You can access this tool from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, our tool is trusted and secure to use.

Best Quality Compression of PNG Images

Without a doubt, your memorable data will not get affected. Our tool is very fast. Also, its compression quality is best among all other tools. The image pixels and quality will remain same. No one can compare compressed image with the original one. It will exactly compress png under 10kb.

Easy Sharing with Compress PNG To 10KB

Although, we have also made sharing very easy. It means after reduce image to 10kb, you can share it over different online platforms immediately by a single click. There are multiple options to share your compressed data. If you do not want to share image, you can upload and save it on your iCloud storage, Dropbox, Google drive, and One Drive. Additionally, you can direct download online compress png to KB in your device’s storage & gallery.

Multi-Purpose Use

There are multiple usage of our online PNG compressor. You can also compress PNG To JPG/JPEG online. Except this, you can resize any image without losing its quality. Moreover, you can add signature, convert png to pdf online, online png viewer, and adjust dimension. Usually, it will exactly compress png into 10Kbs.

Fast, Reliable & Secure To Use Compress Karu

For sure, our server is very fast. Not only this but also, our tool’s compression is fast. It will compress images very quickly. Also, it is very secure to use our tool as it is reliable. You can use our tool without being worried. You data is in safe hand. In addition, we do not save and reuse our visitors data. Neither we save it on our server, nor we provide and share it to anyone. The user’s data is deleted from our server automatically just after the compression.

No Language Barrier

In some tools, there is a language barrier. It means, some tools are designed in different languages. Some users can not use it just because of language barrier. They do not know their language. In short, our tool is for every person from any country and any language. They can easily understand the default international standard language “English”.

How To Use Online Compress PNG To 10KB Free Tool?

As our other sub-tools, it is also easy to use compress PNG image to 10kb online tool. Furthermore, we have discussed some easy steps to resize PNG online mentioned below:

  • Click on “Add/Select Image(s)” button.
  • Also, you can drag & drop images into the dotted area.
  • Select folder or gallery from storage to upload images.
  • Now, click on “Compress & Download” button.
  • Just after compression, your data will automatically download into your storage.

Enjoy compression with our best image compressor.


Do CompressKaru provides other image file compressor online?
Obviously, you can use Compress JPEG to KB, Compress PNG Online, Compress GIFF Online, Online PNG/JPG to PDF, Online image compressor, and much more. You can use our free image resizer online tool. Moreover, you compress png to specific size.
Is it really safe to use online PNG compressor tool?
As discussed above, our tool is safe and secure to use. No one can see and use your uploaded files as our server is fully automated. Additionally, our algorithm automatically deletes your data as it finish the compression. This thing keep you data private and safe.


We hope you have successfully compress png to 10kb online. If the results are not satisfactory, you still have your master file on our server. You can reuse it for better results with a best png quality. If you have any query or any suggestions regarding to our tool, you can let us know in comment box. Also, you can ping us directly via our email or message us here.

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