To optimize animated GIF images, we have recently introduced online GIF compressor free tool. Online gif compressor tool will compress GIF without losing quality. There is no charges for using best GIF reducer. If you have large sized GIF animation it small size piece. To know more about Compress GIF To 8MB tool, read the full article below. It won’t take much time to read and understand about it’s working.

Online Compress GIF To 8MB Free

On our website “Compress Karu”, there are multiple online image resizer available. You can utilize them for free of cost. In addition, Online GIF Resizer & optimizer tool is one of them. You can easily reduce gif file size within few seconds. Moreover, you can upload and compress a group of GIFs having larger images into small size at same time. As GIF is a group of looped images without sound, you can upload compressed GIF pack on you webpages. You won’t need to optimize GIF on your website.

GIF Optimizer in No Cost

Although, we are providing every single online compress without any cost. Here, everything is free. and its team won’t ask to for any favor, money, subscription, and premium service. Feel free to use it as much as you can.

Best GIF Compressor

Although, compress GIF to 8 MB is the best ever tool. All other app provider do not promise for best quality compression. But we do assure you that your files fill compressed in good quality. It won’t affect on color, pixels, and quality. Only size will be reduced. We recommend you to use our Online GIF optimizer at least once. You will really like and and you’ll come back here again in future.

Compress GIF Online

There are various offline applications available on the internet. The main issue with offline apps is that they steal user’ data. Also, users do no trust on such kind of platforms who ask to allow read and write permission. While on the other hand, Compress Karu is a web based application. It means, our all applications are hosted on a fast and secure server. You don’t have to download it. Furthermore, both your data and compression is in safe hand.

We do not ask our visitors to allow any kind of permission. Also, We do not store users precious data on our server. After compression, your data is disposed from our server. Neither we reuse your images/photos, nor we share it with any third-party apps.

Enhanced Performance GIF Compressor

Online GIF resizer performs its task very efficiently and accurately. It will resize GIF online in same quality and size you choose from options like e.g. “Compress GIF To 8MB”. It means, our tool will compress GIF under 8MB exactly.

Easy To Use Compress GIF To 8MB

There is no need to get train before using GIF resizer to resize GIF in KB. GIF converter has a elegant user-interface. Anyone with basic knowledge of computer can operate this tool.

Reduce Gif Size Without Losing Quality

We do not compromise on privacy and quality. To engage more trust, we have build a best quality GIF optimizer tool. It will not compromise on compression quality. GIF quality will remain same as it was before. Try it once!

How To Use Compress GIF Under 8MB?

It is easy to use compress GIF to specific size. Also, we have enlisted an easy procedure how to compress a gif file size below. Have a look:

  1. Click on the “Upload/Add Files” button.
  2. Also, you can drag & drop GIF images in compression area.
  3. Now, select the folder/directory where you have saved your data.
  4. Click on the open button.
  5. Click on the “Compress” button.
  6. Wait for few moments.

Congratulations! Your files are ready to download.


How To Compress A Gif Size?
Our tool has an easy steps to lowering GIF file size. We have enlisted procedure to compress file(s) blow.

Click on the “Add File” button.

Click on the “Compress” button.

Wait for few seconds.

Your files are compress and ready to use.

Is it free to use online GIF optimizer?
Obviously, there is no cost to use any image compressor available on our website. Also, there is no trail or subscription plan. You can use it limitless.
How do I make a GIF file smaller?
It is quite easy to compress any gif to KB online. We have mentioned multiple ways to reduce its size according to your need. Furthermore, you can simply drag and drop your image(s) into tool’s area and click on compress. You’re done.


GIF file(s) take much space on memory as they are larger in size. If we upload those larger size image on our website, a particular web page with larger sized GIF can slow down. To fix slow speed loading time, we have introduced an online GIF resizer. It will resize GIF into small size. In addition, web pages with small size pictures will load faster. Compression will not affect the quality and colors.

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