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Reduce PNG file size to 100KB tool is online and free to use. Our Compress PNG To 100KB online tool let its users to compress and reduce size any PNG image within few seconds. It compresses TIFF, CR2, NEF, and other raw pictures of any size. Our first priority is to full the need of the user. Our best PNG converter and resizer tool will fulfill the user demand. Also, our tool’s quality is better. Your PNG compression will look like exactly as it was before.

What is PNG File Format?

A Portable Network Graphics also known as PNG supports a Lossless data compression. PNG is a raster graphic file format was developed as a non-patent graphics file format. In addition, it was developed by W3C (PNG Development Group). Also, it was developed back in 1st October, 1996. PNG is most  widely used in web pages. It has a transparent background.

Moreover, PNG images are the best alternatives of a very famous file format known as JPG/JPEG. You may view PNG in Web designs, Image viewer, and high graphic program.

Characteristics of PNG File Format 

There are some characteristics of PNG images that are given below:

  • Transparency

Although, PNG image type supports transparency. It means the images with PNG file formats have a transparent  background . Logo, illustrations, and irregular images with PNG pictures format can be shown on the top of the background color.

  • No Looping Like GIF

Unlike another lossless compression (GF), it does not support looping the animations.

  • Lossless Compression

Without a doubt, like many other high quality image file formats JPG, JPEG, PNG also use the same quality of lossless compression. In result, it produce a higher quality of pictures.

  • Web Pages/Design

Certainly, PNG is the top priority for web designers. They rely on it for rendering images on the webpage.

How To Make/Create & Open PNG File?

It is quite easy to make and convert PNG images free of cost. There are few tools used to convert these types of images. Luckily, these tools are also for for its end user. Some of the tools and steps are mentioned below:

  1. MS Pain (Microsoft Paint), Paint 3D application for Microsoft windows operating system.
  2. Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Canva.
  4. FastStone Image Viewer.
  5. XnView.

How To Convert PNG Files?

Unlike “How to open PNG files”, conversion of PNG files is easy. Any person with basic knowledge can easily convert PNG to 100KB. Also, from the tools  mentioned above, you can convert PNG to JPG. There are also simple easy steps, have a look below:

  • Open a PNG file in Microsoft Paint or paint 3D.
  • Click on the “Files” option given on the top left corner.
  • Now, click on “Save As” option from that menu.
  • Give a name to the file you are trying to save and convert to JPEG,JPG, BMP, and GIFF.
  •   Select the desired file format in which you are trying to covert.
  • Congratulations! your file has been converted successfully.

Also, You can use free online file converter like free.

What is Compress PNG To 100KB Tool?

If you are wondering that how to reduce the size of PNG image? You have landed on the right place. We will help your to reduce png to 100KB. With our best PNG compress to 100KB online tool, you can easily resize your images. It is a fastest tool that performs a quick operation against your raw data. In addition, PNG online compressor compress particular pictures you selected.

Moreover, while uploading image on a webpage, you need this tool. For sure, you want to keep that file on the top of the background color. Just because of big file size,  some webpages and online platforms do not allow you to do so. Then you go for an online png resizer free.

Advantage of Compress PNG To 100KB Online Free Tool?

We have enlisted below some famous and in-demand advantages of compress png image to 100KB. have a look at that:

Faster Webpage Loading Speed

Certainly, the website using PNG image files have a much faster page loading speed. PNG images takes less space in size. As a result, it produce a lightweight loading. If you are a website developer, web page designer, or a coder, you must adopt PNG files. We hope, you will get better results and better performance.

Less Memory Consumption

As we have discussed about its memory consumption, it do not take much space in your had drive or phone. After compress PNG image to 100kb, it will exactly take the same memory size on your device.

Compress PNG To 100KB Time Saver Tool

Moreover, Compress PNG size to 100kb resizer is a time savor online tool. Our Online PNG compressor is developed with advanced techniques and algorithms. It has a smart code and efficient reducer. Also, you have an opportunity to compress a batch/group of images at the same time by a single click. Not only this but also, your images will have the same image quality as it was before.

Advanced PNG Compress 100Kb Tool

We are pleased to tell you that our best online image compressor tool has more advanced features. You can have more options while compressing your precious picture. In addition, you can add signatures, convert png to pdf, online image viewer, and online PNG resizer at the time of compression. Also, all of the mentioned tools and features are free to use publicly. No signup is needed.

Easy Quick Sharing

Now, you do not have to share your compressed images on online social media individually. Yes! you can now direct share your resized images to any platform directly. Also, You can directly upload and save your image pack to your vault, dropbox, Google drive, iOS clod storage, and server by a single tap.

More Secure PNG To KB

No doubt, PNG to KB resizing is more secure than before. We have an encrypted and a secure communication channel between the user’s PC and our application (server). You can easily reduce PNG size in KB without any hesitation.

No Subscription & Signup Required

We do not ask our visitors for any subscription. Neither we ask for any signup, nor we charge any cost. Any tool on our webpage is 100% free to use. Any person from worldwide can access and use it.

Free To Use Online PNG Reducer

As discussed above, it is free to use online PNG compressor. Neither in past, nor in present, we won’t charge even a single penny from our visitors. You can use it as much as you can

Trusted To Compress PNG Below 100KB 

Our is a reliable and trusted application. You can trust on us while reducing images or converting Pdf to tiff or any of your precious & confidential images. In addition, we do not track your data. Neither we reuse your pictures nor we share it with any third-party application. Also, we do not keep it on our server. After compression, our automated tool deletes it from everywhere.

How To Compress PNG To 100KB Online Free?

Without a doubt, It is so easy to compress PNG to 100KB free. It will take no time in resizing. Have a look on the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on “Add/Upload Files” button.
  • Give access to your gallery, drive, folder, and hard drive.
  • Click on “compress and download” button.

You are done!


How to compress PNG under 100KB?
To compress PNG size under 100kb is much easier like other files format. Click on upload image(s). Select the images from gallery & storage folder. Now, click on compress & download button. Congratulations. you have successfully compressed your pictures.
Will it only compress PNG online?
For sure, it is an online and web based application. It will only work when you have an internet access.
Can I use Compress PNG to 100KB offline?
No, you can not use this tool when offline or out of internet connection. You only have a stable internet connection to use compress PNG below 100Kb online tool.


Compress Karu online PNG compressor tool has made compression more easy and fast. Now or may be in future, you may need this tool if you are a professional in any area of online business. It is totally free to use. We ensure that your image are being processed according to the requirements. In addition, you can use and compress PNG files in CMYK color scheme with our tool. Further more, reduce PNG size to 100Kb let you to resize your images within few seconds. Once you used our tool, We hope you will have the best experience. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please let us know in comment box.

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