A GIF is an animated or animation-based video. It doesn’t have a sound in it. Basically, Gifs are the group of images or frames that play in a loop. Usually, these GIF files have a large size. If you upload a raw GIF to your project, Youtube channel, or on your website, it may slow down an entire website. Because GIF takes more memory size and take a lot of time to open. In such a scenario, you need to reduce GIF file size to KBs. By doing this, it will shrink and resize GIF size. Additionally, To resize GIF file size, you need an online GIF resizer or compressor. Here at CompressKaru, we are offering a variety of online GIF optimizer for free. You can compress Gif without losing quality through the free gif compressor tool. Also, you can Compress GIF To 1MB.

Compress GIF To 1MB Online

Without a doubt, it is a free online GIF image resize. That shrinks GIF size to as low as possible. The plus point of using CompressKaru’s GIF converter is that your GIF quality will remain the same. Only its size will reduce. Additionally, you can reduce GIF size without paying a penny. Yes! It is free. Not only this but also, you can use it as much as you can. There is no time limitations. Also, we are providing group compression to our new and old visitors.

Features of Online Compress GIF Under 1MB Free Tool

There are multiple useful features of our compress GIF below 1MB tool. Also, we have enlisted some of its most common and demanding features below. Have a look:

Unlimited Templates

While using reduce GIF image online toll, you will see multiple options there. Adding a template is one of them. We have uploaded so many unique and cool pre-designed templates for our users. According to the nature of GIF, you can select any template free. Moreover, you can also customize any template according to your need and design. Although these templates are royalty-free. Neither you get charged for them, nor will you be asked to remove or delete them. Use it freely!

Bye Bye To Offline Apps

As external apps take up a lot of space in device memory. Also, it slows down the entire device and affects its performance. Say goodbye to the boring offline apps. We are here to serve you. Additionally, while using the Online GIF optimizer tool, you don’t have to worry about your device’s performance and memory size. Our gif compressor to 1MB tool is a web-based application hosted on a secure server. It means it will be available all the time. Anyone can use it by searching or entering our URL.

Compress GIF Without Losing Quality

Now, you can Reduce GIF MB size into KB without losing its colors and quality. Our Online GIF converter will compress it so no one can compare and guess which GIF image is original. Also, your GIF pixels will not be compromised. In the end, after compression, only size will be reduced. All other dimensions, color schemes, file formats, and quality will remain the same. 

Free & Secure To Use Compress GIF To 1MB

Indeed, our tool is reliable. Around 99% of our old visitors came back for compression. Because they know the worth and safety of our tool. Meanwhile, We do not store users’ data on our server for further use. Suddenly, after compression, our innovative system dispose of it when the user ends his/her session. Not only this, but everything here on our tool is free to use.     

Unlimited Usage

Our users, whether old or new, can have unlimited access to online GIF image compressor without a subscription. We do not ask our users to attach their cards as security. Moreover, you will be amazed that you can now compress unlimited data whiteout any time boundary. You can also compress GIF size to KB of multiple photos simultaneously. Yes! Select a group of pictures, and upload them for compression. It will take a little time. 

What’s New in Online GIF Resizer Free Tool? 

  • Bugs fixes.
  • Elegant design.
  • Better results.
  • Better improved performance.
  • Enhanced Quality.
  • Technical support.
  • Direct download to your gallery/device.

& much more.

How To Use Compress GIF To 1MB Free Online App?

There are straightforward steps to resize GIF image online. Follow the mentioned steps to reduce GIF size in a few seconds:

  1. Click on the “Add/Select Gif” button.
  2. Also, you can drag and drop your GIF images from the gallery of folders.
  3. Now, Open the file directory or folder where your data is stored.
  4. On the pop-up screen, click on the “Open” button.
  5. Click on the “Compress & Download” button.
  6. Wait for a few seconds, and it will take a little time to reduce GIF size.

Congratulation! Your GIFs have been compressed & downloaded successfully. 


How to reduce GIF size to 1MB?
With the best GIF compressor powered by Compress Karu can only reduce GIF online under 1MB exactly.
Can I use GIF compressor online tool on MAC?
No matter what device and its mode you are using. It will work on every web browser. You can resize GIF iPhone (Safari/iOS), Google internet, Internet Explorer, Android (APK) based browsers, Google Chrome, Tablet PC browsers, and so on. But before compression, ensure you have connected your device to the internet. Also, your internet speed should be stable.


In the busy routine of the office or work, no one has much time to compress GIFs individually and wait for hours. The best GIF image compressor saves a lot of user time. Users do not have to upload and resize their GIFs one by one. They can compress them at once. In addition, if you are a web developer, animation expert, or designer. You may need this tool now or in the future. Try it once; we hope you will like it. We appreciate your choice. Also, share the Online GIF resizer with your colleagues and friend. Thanks!

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