HEIC To WebP Converter – Convert Your Images File Online

CompressKaru’s HEIC to WebP converter lets you change your HEIC image formats to WebP images online for free. There is no need to install this tool on your device. In addition, you can control the quality, file size, and image resolution. Give it a try and avoid losing the image quality. This guide will show you how to convert HEIC format to WebP online in a few clicks.

HEIC To WebP Converter Online Free

It is an online web-based application, platform, or software that lets you change an existing image format to another without installing additional software or applications on your device. Moreover, you can choose multiple HEICs and convert them all together with one click. Unlike other tools, Compress Karu doesn’t require signup or registration process to access the tool. Access it now and change HEICs to WebPs for free.

How To Convert HEIC Image To PNG Without Losing Quality?

To convert HEIC images to WebP, follow the step-by-step instructions given below. Have a look at that:

  1. Click the “HEIC To WebP Image Converter Online” button to open the tool.
  2. Click the “Select Images” button.
  3. Choose the HEIC images from your device and tap the “Open” button. You can also drag and drop the HEIC images directly to the tool.
  4. Select the desired output format e.g. “WebP”.
  5. Now tap the “Convert” button to start conversion.
  6. After processing, click the “Download” button to save the converted image files.


Is it free to convert HEIC image files to WebP?

Of course, converting your HEIC images to WebPs is inexpensive. It is 100% free. Also, you can use this tool to convert heic to png files.

Will I lose the picture quality while changing HEIC images to WebP?

This tool is designed and developed using the latest image processing techniques. So, there is a rare chance of losing image quality. Moreover, make sure to convert high-quality images.

Is it safe to use this tool?

Without a doubt, it is safe to use this tool. We do not sell or share your data with any third-party applications or online platforms. Additionally, your images (HEIC and WebP) are deleted from our server just after the 15 minutes of conversion.

Can I convert bulk HEIC images?

CompresKaru offers batch conversion. You can upload multiple images to the tool and convert them simultaneously.

Do I have to sign up before or after converting the images?

No, we do not require the user’s personal information such as name, email, address, or phone number. You can use this tool without the registration process.

Can I use an online HEIC converter on my smartphone?

You can use this tool on an Android, iPhone, Tablet PC, Windows system, or Macbook. Moreover, this is a cross-browser tool. This tool is accessible from IE, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, etc.