Increase Image Size In MB Without Changing Pixels Online

Still in 2023, increasing image size from a smaller size to a larger size is a big problem. There are no such tools available whether online or offline that could increase small-size images to higher sizes. First ever time, Compress Karu is providing the best online image size increase tool.  If you have worried about small-size pictures, and you want to improve or enlarge the size of a particular image without losing quality. Then you do not have to get worried about it. Now, You can increase image size in MB free from any lower size. In this guide, we will deep dive into the process, features & advantages, and how to increase image file size in MB. Have a look below:

Increase Image Size In MB Free

For a decade, It has been a problem for many users to increase image file size in MBs. There was no tool available on the internet that can resize and increase image size from KB to MB. Moreover, there was a rare person available physically in the market who can perform this job. Most people can’t travel for miles to visit them just a shortage of time. Luckily, The expert team of Compress Karu has resolved the photo-increasing size tool.

Image Size Increaser is an online application specially designed and developed for worldwide users. It can perform the job of image size increase in MB. In addition, it is an efficient tool that will perform its job perfectly and quickly. If you have a small size picture in KB, you can still increase size to MB without losing quality and pixels as well. The only thing that will be compromised is image size. Nothing else.

Advantages of Online Image Size Increaser App

Unlike KB image size increaser online tool, Compress Karus’ best image size increaser in MB also has many benefits. Some of these are explained below.

  • Performance Without Changing Quality 

It is developed through an efficient and latest algorithm. Increase image sizer tool increase image size with perfect quality. No pixel quality and resolution will be compromised. In addition to it, the increaser tool online will also analyze the image ratio and set it accordingly.

  • AceessFrom anywhere

This tool is for everyone across the world. You can access the Compresskaru size-increasing tool from anywhere, on any device, anytime. Enjoy it as much as you can!

  • Unlimited Usage

Another benefit of using Our tool is that you can use it limitlessly. There is no time span and file increase limit.

  • Bulk Resize

If you have multiple images to change size, you can do it at once with a single tap. Simply upload a group of images and click on the increase size button. At once, you will have your processed files. The advantage of using bulk image size increase is that it saves a lot of time.

Privacy & Safety

Although, your data is in safe hands. You can use this tool. For us, your trust in Compress Karu is enough. And this is the best motivation for us. We do not reuse and share your data on any platform. Also, your raw and processed data is immediately deleted from our server.

How To Increase Image Size From KB To MB Without Losing Quality?

Without a doubt, It is simply as easy as breathing to increase small size image to MB. We have enlisted one easiest way below. Have a look:

  1. Click on the “Add Images” button.
  2. Now chose the photos you want to increase image size online for free.
  3. After selecting the images, now click on the “Open/Add” button.
  4. To improve image size, click on the “Increase Size” button.

It will take around a minute. Have a sip of coffee and wait for it.


How I can increase image size in MB without changing pixels?

You have to do nothing. Simply, upload and process your image files. The image quality and pixels will not be lost during and after the processing.

How I can increase the size of a photo to 4 MB?

Open “Increase phot size online” powered by Upload your small-size picture there. Click on the Dimensio or Size button. From there you can choose a specific size. Enter 4 MB and click on the Increase button.

Is it possible to change photo size from KB to MB?

Of course, You can change image size from KB to MB with a single tap. And it is quite easy. On the image size increase tool, upload and resize your photo accordingly.

What image type I can change the size in MB?

You can change the size of any file type including JPEG/JPG, WebP, GIF, PNG, and TIF.

Can I increase the size of a JPEG to 1 MB from the phone?

No matter what device you have. You can increase JPG image size to 1 MB from your Android, iOS, MAC, PC, or Tablet PC device.

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