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The image file size is a long debate for years. Most people get tired while looking for an online image size increase tool. Specifically, while you are looking for an image size increase tool into KB. Also, there are no such online and offline apps on the internet and Play Store that can increase image size in KB without changing pixels. First ever time on the Internet, Compress Karu has introduced an online increase photo size under KB.

Surprisingly, this free tool will increase image size without changing pixels. No matter, what kind of image you have(JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TiF, and WebP). Smaller images are not a problem anymore. In this article, we will take a look at “How to increase the size of image free” and “some key features of using Photo size Increase tool” in depth. Have a look

Image Kb Increaser Online

Increase image size in KB is an online web-based application, that lets you enlarge your image size without losing quality. In addition, we need it most when we have a smaller size image than the recommended size. To fulfill the image file size requirements, You want to increase its size with a single tap. With compresskaru’s best image size increase online tool, you can do so without paying a single penny. In addition, there are more features available on the website that you can try to make your image better than before.

Benefits of Using Image Size Increaser Online Tool

Although, it is worth using the image size increase in KB tool. Well, there are some of its most common and in-demand key features are given below:

Increase Image Size To Custom Size

Sometimes, we have a single picture (passport size may be) with blue or white background. And every time, we upload that same image to multiple websites and online platforms. But we need different image sizes for different platforms. And no online or offline tool is available that can provide the facility to increase image size to a specific size. To meet the user demand, Compress Karu and its team have introduced an image size increaser. By using it, you can increase the size of an image according to your own choice.

Secure To Use

Most online tools are not safe for users. Especially, for those users, who use their personal images. We suggest you use our free photo size increase tool. Here, your data is in safe hands. Unlike our other tools like online image compressors and image resizer tools, it is also safe to use it. Your data is never compromised here. Our smart system deletes your resized and raw pictures from the server end just after 15 minutes of completing its task.

Increase in Better Quality

Increasing the image size can affect image quality. But we have made our system on the basis of updated AI-based algorithms. During size increasing process, Our smart system will analyze the image very deeply. Also, it will adjust the image quality very efficiently. In the end, it will touch up the image and improve the color scheme, image quality, and pixels as well.

Increase Image Size in KB Online

Do not worry about its output results. online Image increaser tool will exactly increase the image size as per the command. Also, in the upcoming days, we are also expanding this tool we are going to add new features such as increasing image size for Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram as well.

Increase Multiple Images Size

Luckily, You can add up to 20 images and increase their size at the same time with a single tap. It saves a lot of time.

Increase Image Resolution

Furthermore, this tool has the ability to increase image resolutions. Images with improved resolutions look realistic.

Supports Multiple Image Formats

No matter what image formats you have. As it supports multi-format images, You can increase image size of any JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, WebP, TIF, etc. But from our side, it is recommended to always use JPG/JPEG images.

How To Use Online Image Size Increaser Under KB Tool?

Simply, follow the mentioned procedure step-by-step to increase the size of a photo:

  1. Add images by clicking on the “Add Files” button. Or drag and drop directly to the size increaser area box.
  2. In the second step, select the image(s) you want to improve size. And then click on “Open/Upload”.
  3. Select the resolution and size.
  4. Click on the “Increase Size of Image ” button.
  5. You’ll be done in a while. Stay calm.

Your image size has been increased. And your resized images have been directly downloaded to your download folder or gallery.


Is it safe to use an image size increase online tool?

Of course. It is safe using our best photo size improver online app. Your data is never shared among any third-party application or with other sources.  And the processed data is deleted after 15 minutes automatically from our server.

How to increase kb of image? 

Follow the process to increase image size.

  1. Click on the “add files” button.
  2. Select images from the device.
  3. Select size in pixels, cm, inches, or in percentage.
  4. Click on the “Increase image size in KB”

It’s done.

How I can download the processed images?

Fortunately, You do not have to download any proceeded image. After completion, it will be downloaded automatically to your gallery or device’s download folder.

Is it free to use increase image size online?

Yes, it is free to use JPEG size increaser tool. Also, there is no subscription fee or hidden charges. Also, you can use it anytime from anywhere across the world.

How do I increase image size in KB without losing quality and pixels?

You do not have to do anything additionally. Our smart tool will analyze your image(s) during process. Additionally, It will analyze and add more resolution if needed. Otherwise, if it is not necessary to add more colors, the image quality and pixels will remain the same.

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