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To Compress GIF without losing quality, use of best GIF optimizer tool. It reduce the size of any GIF of any size within few moment. As busy routine, no one have much time to wait. Also, no one want to reduce GIF size one by one. But we have a solution for this. Compress Karu’s online GIF compressor will Compress GIF To 10MB in no time. Also, it can resize GIF online as a group as well, Yes! Now you can add as much as images you want to compress. There is no limitations for it.

Want To Online Compress GIF To 10MB Free?

Online GIF optimizer is an online web based application powered and developed by the professionals of With the help of GIF compressor to 10MB too, you can reduce GIF file size to KB without losing quality. Not only quality but also, colors will remain same as it was before. In addition, there is no cost of using GIF resizer online tool. You can use it as much as you can. On your every visit to, you will be welcomed. For a better experience, read the full details how to use GIF compressor mentioned below.

It will take hardly 5 minutes to read full details, benefits, and usage of Best online GIF reducer tool. Moreover, it is no limited to this, more amazing features are awaiting.

Features of Using Compress GIF To 10MB Free Tool 

There are multiple benefits and advantages of using Online GIF Compressor. We have enlisted its most widely used benefits below, have a look at that:

Privacy Protected

Although, We do provide a privacy protected communication to our all visitors. We make sure that the user’s data is safe. In addition, we do not use, share, and save any kind of user’s personal data. Just after compression, every single data is wiped out automatically from our server and tool as well. Feel free to use Online GIF shrink tool as your data is in safe hand.

No Device Preference

Without a doubt, there is no preference for device. It means that you can use it on any operating system including Windows, MAC, and Linux using any web browser e.g. Safari by iOS, Google chrome, Opera mini, Internet explorer, and so on. Also, you can operate GIF optimizer on Android (APK), iPhone (iOS), Laptop, or Tablet PC. As this application is a cross-web app, there any no boundary for it. Use it freely.

Best GIF Compressor To 10MB

If you’re looking for a best GIF optimizer online, then you don’t have to go anywhere. You just have landed on the right place. We provide a best quality image compressor to 10MB free. The quality of your images will not be compromised. Just after compression, it will look like the original file. Just the file size will be compromised.

Compressor For Everyone

Moreover, there is no border boundary, Yes! anyone from any city, state, or country can use Compress GIF below 10MB tool without paying a single penny. CompressKaru proudly say that this tool is optimized for world wide. Additionally, in every single country, you’ll our compressor will produce best results. Try it once.

No Waiting

You don’t have to wait for a long time. We have an upgraded server that fetch user’s query in couple of second. No matter how many pictures you upload for resizing, it will take the same time to compress them.

Compress Gif To 10MB Free

For sure, it is 100% free to use online GIF compressor to 10MB. You won’t be asked for any subscription, trial, and demo. Use it limitlessly without being worry. Enjoy the free compression anytime 24/7.

How To Use Compress GIF Under 10MB Free?

It is easy to use GIF compressor. Just follow the procedure mentioned below:

  1. Click on the “Select GIF” button.
  2. Select the folder and files you want to resize.
  3. Also, you can drag & drop files directly for compression.
  4. Select the size.
  5. Now, click on the “Compress & Download” button.
  6. Wait for a moment. It won’t take much time.

Congrats! Your file(s) has been compressed and downloaded automatically to your gallery/download folder.


How you compress Gif?
We have an updated and smart algorithm that read the visitor’s query and fulfil it accordingly. Moreover, while you upload a JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, or WebP file to our server, our smart application adjust the quality, color scheme, and size to provide you better results. Within no time, it will compress your data and it will be ready to download. For a better experience, try it once.
Is it free to use GIF compress to KB or MB?
Obviously, it is totally free to use Online GIF resizer to any size. You won’t be charged even a single penny.
How to compress GIF to 10MB free?
It is quite easy to use Compress to KB online tool. Follow the mentioned steps to compress:

1- Click on the “Select File(s)” button.

2- Now, select the size you to want to compress in.

3-Click on the “Compress & Download” button.

Within a moment, your files will be ready to use.

Is it safe to use online GIF converter? 
We do not compromise on privacy and security. Additionally, every communication between user’s PC and our server is encrypted. Except this, we do not use your pictures. Also, we do not share your data to any third-party applications. Use it freely.


If you’re a web developer, animations expert, designer, or a video editor, you might need this tool any time. It is worthily to use CompressKaru’s best free GIF compressor. Furthermore, you do not need to download this application. It is already installed on our server. You just have to visit our website, and select the size and tool you want to use. If you have any query or information, we will be happy to hear that from you. Let us know through comment box, email, or Contact Us page. Thank You!

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