Resize Image To 1500×1500 Pixels Online – Free Photo Resizer

In the world of digital devices, photos have become an important part of our lives. Whether you are a freelancer, graphic designer, photo editor, social media influencer, blogger, website owner, or online product marketer, you should use properly resized images for a better user experience. In addition, it is still a debate on how to reduce image size without losing quality. Don’t worry. Compress Karu has found the solution. Without a doubt, from now, you can resize your images into custom or specific sizes for free without losing quality. In this blog post, we will let you know how to resize image to 1500×1500 pixels online.

Resize Image To 1500×1500 Online

Unlike other JPG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF resizers, the 1500×1500 image converter is also an online size reducer. It also changes or reduces image size, pixels, or dimensions to a specific size. In addition, compress Karus’s best photo resizer does not lose image quality. And this is the best part of this app. 1500×1500 image resizer is the choice by many users.

Furthermore, while resizing an image to 1500*1500 pixels, this tool makes sure that the image file size is balanced with resolution or not. Resizing and maintaining file size and image aspect ratio (resolutions) is compulsory for social media posts images and website owners. Because larger size images can slow down the website and response time as well.

How To Resize Image To 1500×1500 Pixels Online & Free Without Losing Quality?

It is not that much tough to resize or convert an image size/resolution. Simply follow the mentioned below step-by-step guide. Have a look:

  1. Click on the “Add/Open” button.
  2. Now select an image or a group of images from your device’s gallery and click on the “Open” button.
  3. Verify the image dimension/size (width and height) 1500×1500 px.
  4. Now click on the “Resize” button and wait for a moment.
  5. Soon, your files will be processed and ready to use.
  6. Click on the “Download” button to save your processed data.


What are 1500×1500 pixels in cm?

Per pixel=0.0264583333cm. You can multiply 0.0264583333 X pixels to get cm. For example, 1500×1500 pixels will be 39.68×39.68 in cm.

What are 1500×1500 pixels in inches?

If you wish to convert pixels into inches, you have to dive desired dimensions by 150. For example, for 1500×1500 pixels, divide it by 150. You will get a result of 10×10 inches.

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