Passport Photo Converter – Make Passport Size Photo Free

Free Passport Photo Maker

A passport photo is a custom size image used for a Passport. You’re in the right place if you’re a traveler and looking for an online passport photo converter tool. CompressKaru allows you to create passport photo online without losing the picture quality. Furthermore, you don’t have to install this tool on your device. Follow the guide to resize an image for a Passport online.

Passport Photo Converter Online Free

A passport photo maker and resizer is a web tool by CompressKaru that lets you resize a larger image for a Passport online. In addition, there is no need to install this tool on your device. Our Passport photo resizer analyzes the image and then converts it without affecting its colors, pixels, and other features. Only the image resolution/dimension is changed. Moreover, It is 100% free to use passport-size photo maker. Tap the Ctrl+D button to bookmark this tool for future use.

How To Use Passport Photo Maker Online?

Here is the step-by-step guide given below to resize image for a passport. Take a look at that and follow the same instructions:

  1. Click the “Passport Photo Converter” button to open the tool.
  2. Tap the “Select Images” button.
  3. Choose the image you want to resize for your passport and tap the “Open” button.
  4. Now click the “Convert” button to start the resizing process.
  5. After a complete conversion, save the image by tapping the “Download” button.


What is an online passport-size image resizer?

A passport photo resizer is a web-based platform or tool that lets you change a large-size image to a small one for the passport online. You can optimize images for Australian, UK, US, Canada, etc passports with a single click for free.

Will I lose the image quality while converting a photo to passport size?

When changing a larger image to a small size by using Compress Karu online photo resizer, you won’t lose the quality of the picture. Just ensure that you are resizing an image of a good quality.

How to convert passport photo online?

To convert the photo to passport size without losing quality, follow the instructions given below:

  1. After accessing the tool, tap the “Select Images” button to choose the images from your device.
  2. After choosing the images, tap the “Open” button. You can also Drag and Drop the images to the tool.
  3. Now tap the “Resize” button to start the resizing process.
  4. After the processing, tap the “Download” button to save the resized image.

You’re done.

Can I resize photo to passport size using my iPhone?

Of course, you can convert image size for a passport using an iPhone, Android, MacBook, Windows PC/Laptop, Tablet PC, etc. Moreover, you can also use any web browser to access this tool as well.

Why do we need an online passport photo maker?

Many passport providers let you apply for a passport online. So, you may not have a passport-sized image to upload. In this case, passport size photo maker lets you make an image according to the guidelines of a specific country like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.