To optimize animated GIF videos/images, Compress Karu offers a bundle of GIF size reducer tools along with other PNG/JPG compressors. As GIFs are mostly used on Websites, social media platforms, and some other apps including Discord. As Discord is the one of largest communications platforms, It also lets users share GIFs. But the problem is that GIFs are larger in size. By sending and receiving such kind of larger GIF animations, It can take much time to reload. In addition, the user experience may also become bad for Discord users. To recover from such kind of issues, GIF optimization is necessary. In this guide, We will take a look at how to Compress GIF For Discord online. Have a look:

Discord GIF Compressor Online

Although, For animated content, GIFs are the most popular and commonly used format nowadays. In an engaging way, they can be a great channel to convey a message, emotion, or fun. Furthermore, there is a common problem in GIfs that they have a larger size. Especially, You encounter large-size file issue when a GIF is of high quality or have a lot of frame rate.

While on the other hand, the Same issue comes when you forward or receive any large GIF to Discord. First of all, It may slow down loading time. Secondly, Your Discord client may go freeze or crash. Especially, you encounter this problem when you or the receiver have a slow internet connection. In such a scenario, You may use GIF compressors to reduce its size to make an easy to send or receive.

Benefits Of Reduce GIF For Discord Online

There are some advantages of using a GIF reducer for Discord. Here are some of its benefits:

Easy Sharing

Processed or compressed GIF animated videos don’t take much space (memory ) and response, you can easily share them to Discord & some other online platforms including websites.

Enhanced User Experience (UX)

On Discord, compressed GIF can cause a better and good user experience for everyone. Also, it tasks lest time to upload and download.

No Offline Apps Required

If you use Compress Karu’s online GIF compressor for Discord, you do not have to download any third-party offline software or application. Our smart system provides a facility to shrink GIF size online from anywhere and anytime. Say goodbye to the offline irritating apps.

Time Saing

As it is an online tool, It provides the facility to compress multiple files at the same time with a single click/tap. By doing bulk GIF size optimization, You can save a lot of time.

Faster Upload/Download

By shrinking GIF size to smaller, you can easily download and upload GIF to Discord with good speed.

Free To Use

It is a free tool for everyone who is inside or across the border. In addition, there is no time and fee boundary while using this tool. Enjoy as much as compression.

How To Shrink GIF For Discord For Free?

By using Compress Karu’s online GIF compressor, you can shrink GIF size for free. Here is the easiest procedure to make it small without losing its quality. Have a look:

  1. Click on the add “GIF File” button.
  2. Select GIF file(s) from your device/gallery and click on the “Add/Upload/Open” button.
  3. Click on the “Compress GIF Size” button.
  4. Take a sip of Coffee and wait for a minute.

If you have a good internet connection, soon, your data will be compressed.


How can I compress GIF for Discord?

It is a simple and easy method to reduce GIF size by using the compression tool. Simply follow the procedure mentioned below:

  1. Click on the add button.
  2. Select GIF(s) from your device and click on the upload button.
  3. Now click on the “Compress” button to optimize its size.

You are done.

Is it Free To resize GIFs?

Yes, it is free to reduce any GIF file from the Compress Karu compression tool. Also, You don’t have to subscribe or signup for it.

How much size can the GIF compressor reduce?

Compresskaru can reduce up to 40% to 60% of the size of a GIF file.

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