120×120 Image Converter (Pixels) Without Losing Quality

A 120×120 pixel image resolution is used for vectors, favicons, logos, and canvas art. Besides this, 120 x 120 pixels images are used for website images, poster designing, and printing purposes. Whether you have smaller or larger image dimensions, you can still convert them to the desired size using Compress Karu’s 120×120 image converter online tool for free.  This guide will let you know how to change image resolution without installing software on your device.

120×120 Image Converter Online Free

Many online platforms and businesses need vectors, logos, favicons, etc for their brands. on the other hand, a 120×120 pixel image converter is a tool or web platform that lets you resize a particular image resolution exactly 120 by 120px (width x height). Furthermore, it is a free-to-use tool. So, you can use it without limitations.

No need to install any third-party applications or software like Photoshop on your device. This tool will let you change image resolution without cropping and losing the quality. Enjoy online photo resizing without a watermark. Bookmark this tool by pressing the Ctrl+D button for future use.

How To Convert Image To 120×120 Pixels Resolution Without Losing Quality?

To make a picture 120×120 pixels, follow the instructions mentioned below. Take a closer look at that:

  1. Click the “120×120 Image Converter Online” button to access the tool.
  2. Tap the “Select Images” button to choose images you want to resize.
  3. After choosing the images, click the “Open” button.
  4. After verifying the dimensions (width x height) of the images, press the “Convert” button to start the resizing process.
  5. After processing, press the “Download” button to save the resized image files.


Is it free to resize image to 120×120 pixels?

Of course, there is no cost to resize images. You can resize as many as possible images at the same time for free.

Will I lose image quality While resizing the photo to 120px x 120px?

While using CompressKaru’s online image converter, you don’t have to worry about losing image quality. Without a doubt, this tool is developed using the latest AI-based algorithms. These algorithms analyze the image before resizing. So, no image colors and pixels will be compromised.

How do I resize an image to 120×120?

Here is a step-by-step guide below to resize an image to 120*120. Follow the same instructions:

  1. Click the “Select Images” button.
  2. Select the images from your device and click the “Open” button.
  3. Or you can Drag & Drop the images directly from your device too.
  4. Press the “Resize/Convert” button to start the resizing process.
  5. After processing, save the resized image files by pressing the “Download” button.

Can I resize a PNG image using this tool?

You can resize any image type or extension such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, or WebP using this tool. But we recommend you always use a PNG file for 120×120 resolution.

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