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PDF is a well-known format containing data or information such as images (vector graphics and Bitmap graphics). Also, PDF stands for Portable Document Format. In addition to a PDF, it can be different sizes that can vary according to the information in it. In the digital world, it is used to share information or represent … Read more

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Images can be converted to multiple formats such as JPG, PNG, Web, etc. Sometimes, people convert images to PDFs to preserve the quality while sharing. In addition, a well-known image format HEIC used in iPhones, iPads, and iPods can also be converted to a PDF file. Compress Karu is offering an online HEIC to PDF … Read more

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For educational, organizational, and official purposes, A PDF is an important thing. For sure, A PDF can be shared to exchange data like images within the same file. In addition, a PDF can contain multiple images, vectors, logos, or text-based data. That’s why a PDF is large in size. On the other hand, it is … Read more

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Still, compressing a PDF file size is a bit challenging. Especially when you don’t want to lose the quality of your document. In addition, multiple online and offline PDF compressors are available online. But they don’t reduce file size accurately. If they do so, those tools are paid. On the other hand, CompressKaru has recently … Read more

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Without a doubt, a document file size matters a lot while sharing it to anyone. Many online apps and platforms do not let you share PDF files among anyone if they have a large size. In addition, it is just because the large PDF file is difficult to share, download, upload, and email. So, reducing … Read more

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Previously, resizing or compressing a PDF to a specific size like 700KB was crucial. There were no advanced tools to reduce or shrink its size. In addition, users have to do it by themselves. Furthermore, in recent years, many offline and online PDF compressors have allowed users to reduce PDF size to 700KB online. But … Read more

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Digitization has made sharing so easy. There are several apps and online platforms that let you share your documents as a file. In addition, when managing larger files such as PDFs, efficiency is the first thing you should do. Whether you are uploading a PDF on a particular website, sharing documents with your colleagues, sending … Read more

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In the modern era, sharing a document has become an important part of our life. Whether you are sharing an assignment, project, thesis, images, text, note, and so on. But document size still matters a lot. In addition, while sharing a PDF document file, size matters a lot because it takes up a lot of … Read more

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PDFs are the information that is shared in the form of a document. Whether, you are sharing information, a thesis, a research paper, a project, or an image, at the very first, you convert them into a PDF file. In addition, these PDFs can be different in size. Depending on the data in it, these … Read more

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Nowadays, having a larger PDF file is common. Many online platforms and apps like WhatsApp don’t let us share large PDFs. In addition, to avoid such issues, we have to resize or reduce PDF file size to a specific size. Also, we have to resize these files without losing their quality. Because these PDF files … Read more