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Today, we’ll know How To Compress PNG To 256KB? We have a best online & web-based tool to Compress PNG online free. Also, it will keep the same best quality of compress PNG image as original. An online PNG compressor let’s its user to Compress PNG size without any cost.

Compress PNG To 256KB Online

Without a doubt, For a best quality compression, CompressKaru’s png compressor online tool is suitable. Our PNG 256KB image compressor tool compress image most accurately and smartly. It is an online platform that lets you to compress a large size of png into small size. It reduce PNG size very smartly. In addition, it will not crop the dimensions of the picture.

Moreover, it a free to use tool. You do not have to buy any high performance device to use out tool. To know further about Compress PNG Below 256KB, read the full article and know about How it works, benefits of using Online PNG Reducer, and its latest features. Have a look below:

Features Of Compress PNG To 256KB Tool

Without a doubt, reduce PNG size to KB online tool has an amazing and updated surprising features. We have enlisted its features below:

1- More Efficiency

After some fixe, our online photo compressor have more satisfying and efficient results. It compress PNG to specific size very smartly. You do not have to worry about its compression. Our PNG resizer will resize PNG image to exactly under 256KB as per user’s need. Also, it will compress png in best quality.

2- No Watermark

Most of the tools put their watermark on compressed images. Surely, Users are not comfortable with their watermark or logo. Even they can’t post of publish compressed PNG having a watermark. But, we do not do this. We compress PNG without losing quality and without adding a watermark on it.

You can easily resize PNG photo with without a watermark. Try at least at once. As per our promise, you won’t see any watermark on it. Beside this, we do not ask to our precious customers for a sign-up.

3-User Friendly Design

Our designers and developers has used a very simple and good looking color scheme. The over all design of photo compressor to 256kb is elegant. Your eyes won’t get hurt if you are using it from past hours. Also, by looking on its colors and buttons, there is no need to get trained to use this tool. Once you open, you will automatically know how to compress PNG online? Not only this but also, a small kid of a lower education class can use this tool by reading its simple steps.

Best Quality PNG Compressor Online

Certainly, this is a best quality online PNG compressor to 256KB tool. You will find our tool accurate. It’s compression rate is very good. Online PNG phot compressor will not lose image quality, pixels and dimension of an image.

What’s New in Compress PNG Below 256KB Tool?

There are more exciting features in compress PNG To 256KB tool. To see what’s new in this, have a look below:

  • Bug-fixed.
  • Online image resizer.
  • Online image viewer.
  • Easy sharing.
  • Direct download & upload to any online platform including social media.
  • Free to use.
  • Unlimited compression.
  • Safe & secure to use.
  • Data privacy.
  • 24/7 team support.

& Many more.

How To Use Compress PNG Under 256KB Free?

To compress PNG to 256KBs, it is an easy task for our tool. You just have a stable internet connection and a very simple basic knowledge of computer operation. Additionally, if you are not familiar with computer, laptop, and smart phone. We have enlisted a detailed step-by-step guide about how to use Online PNG Reducer. Go through the guide mentioned below:

  1.  Click on “Select Image(s)” button.
  2. Also, you can drag and drop png image(s) in “Select or Drag & Drop Area” box.
  3. A popup will open, select image(s) and click on “Open” button.
  4. Click on “Compress & Download” button.

You’re done!


How Do I Compress PNG Photo To 256KB?
It is simple to compress photo to 256kb. Follow the procedure mentioned below:

Go to

Select the size and image format.

Click on select image.

Click on compress & download button.

Enjoy compression.!

How I Can Reduce Size Of PNG Without Losing Quality?
If you are looking how to make a PNG smaller without losing quality? Then you are on a right place. You can try any lossless compression tools such as CompressKaru PNG image compressor to reduce PNG size without losing quality.
How Can I Know That A PNG Have A High Resolution?
To know about PNG resolution, right click on the png picture. Now, click on properties. Scroll down the properties. At the bottom of that, there be a cell named “Resolution”. You can note the size and resolution of PNG image.


We hope that our Free Online PNG compressor tool has fulfill your query and you have successfully compressed PNG size in KB. If you are satisfied with its result, please let us know in the comment box. Even if you have any suggestion or query, you can reach us through our “Contact Us” page.

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